5 Hardcore stories

29 April, 2020

Every time something interesting, strange, scary or funny happens to each of us on a ride. And we'd like to share these stories with you. Here are some stories from our friends.

The day was Saturday June 29th, 2019. Another day at Herby’s Mud Farm, a cherished 300 acre piece of land in Western New York. It was a day like any other day, we went from mud hole to mud hole trying to outdo one another, conversing with friends, enjoying each others company and doing what we love. Towards the end of the day, we usually go down into the “Cassadaga Creek” which is more of a river than a creek. We do this most rides just to get the bulk of mud off of our machines. This particular day the river’s current looked to be a little stronger.

One guy goes down, catches the current just right, makes it across. I’m next! I get into the river, realize the current is stronger than anticipated, so I punch it, WOO I make it across, instant relief! But, twist, I’m stuck on the bank!! So I thought to myself “I’ll just reverse a little bit, pin the throttle and I’ll make it up”. I put my bike in reverse, inched back about a foot, and WHOOSH, my wheeler was sailing down the river with me hanging from the handle bars!! I wasn’t letting go, one hand holding the wheeler, other hand doggy paddling toward shore kicking like Michael Phelps competing in Beijing for his 8th Gold. A few friends jumped in from the river bank to assist.

I took on A LOT of water, but we rescued her to dry land. What I took from the day is, don’t always be a follower, and good friends are hard to come by. It took a few oil changes, a lot of hours but Ol’ Red is up and running better than ever. Cheers, Brad Barmore, Founder of HMC

In the early spring, we head to north Saskatchewan and ride with the @extremeatvoffroad group for a two day ride. On the second day, we headed out with a smaller group. The start of the ride was off to a rough start with a broken axle causing a rollover mid water skim. After we upright the machine, we carry on for some muskeg mayhem.

When going out on a trail that you are guaranteed to get completely buried on, you need good working winches and a rope doesn't hurt. One of the machines was equipped with a Tiger Tail retractable rope. The day was filled with bumper to bumper pulls to get machines unstuck. Something was destined to go wrong. It finally happened where the rope pulled the bumper nearly off. It was held on by the radiator hoses and 2 bolts.

We were able push the bumper back up into place and use the winch to somewhat hold it in place. He finished the ride and made his way to the trail head. On our way back to camp, he hit a bump and the bumper came loose. That caused the bumper to fall and he proceeded to drive it over, ripping off the coolant hoses and the winch cables.

Between the multiple rollovers, high gear pulls, and skeg bungie madness it was an amazing day! It's always so much fun to get out and ride up north.

Along the way riders got separated into smaller groups and we had about 15 in ours. We stopped for a break after a long deep muddy section. As we mingled and chatted someone yelled fire! One of the Can Am's was smoking pretty good. I turned to see not one but 3 Can Am's pouring out smoke from the side of the seat! Mine was one included! We all whipped off our seats and began pouring whatever liquid we could get our hands on onto the burning embers that were packed on top of the pipe under the seat.

Finally we got the situation under control and everyone began laughing and telling stories again.

I wanted to get some footage of me running a section of mud and Ostacruiser said he'd do some video for me. I raced thru the mud section a few times, there, back and there again. On the last return run while struggling thru the mud, I glanced over and saw Ostacruiser running beside me. He wasn't on his machine, he was literally running in the mud beside me! I began to laugh so hard that I lost my concentration and started to bog down in the mud. I pinned the throttle and slowly worked my way ahead… but Ostacruiser had now pulled ahead in the foot/atv race and was winning! He beat me thru the mud while not even on an ATV! We all had a great laugh about it and I even caught it on video! That was a mud race that I'll never live down!

We were out riding at a new place and a few of us were playing in a very small mud hole with some steep little banks. After we were done a woman that was with us tried it and was on the throttle a little to much and flipped over backwards into the water. It was scary at first but after it was over and she wasn't hurt we were able to laugh it off. I bet it was a cold ride home for her! Please, be careful on your rides, even if you are experienced racer.

About 30 mins outside the town we live in. There is a retired car racing track known as Knights’ speedway. It hasn’t been an active racetrack in a long time now. Except in the winter when there has been a fresh 30cm of snow fallen on the over grown, rock and stump ridden speedway.

The track itself is usually covered in thick ice, drop some fresh snow on it and you got yourself a party! This past winter we had a lot of snow which made for a few good times at the track. Just after Christmas we had a fresh dump of powder, me and the boys loaded up and headed down for a real life game of Mario kart.

It’s really fun but can get messy quick! Almost every time we go there, something happens! :) This day would be no different. @Johnny_xmr_atv and I set off to do a few tandem laps while @canam_assassin was on the 360 cam and @canam975 was taking those sick action photos he is known for. First lap or so was great, we were ripping hard and getting some great pics and videos. On the third lap we were coming in hot Johnny was about 100 meters ahead of me so I couldn’t see him going around the turn. I remember thinking if he spun out there this could be bad. The track is all ice remember. Stopping is not an option :)

I stayed on the throttle in hopes he had a good drift going into the turn. I wanted to match his drift and give Corey a chance to get sick shots of both of us in a drift coming around the turn. Well it didn’t work out that way! Johnny spun out and was stopped in the apex of turn two. No stopping now as I was in a full drift. It all happened in a few seconds but it seemed like slow motion at the time. I braced myself for impact, and what a smack it was. We hit pretty hard, no one was hurt but I had a cracked rear fender :) All in all totally worth it for the adrenaline rush that comes with full throttle fun at the track. As for the fender? Like Johnny always says “that’s the track man, that’s the track”.