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Taking on the roughest trails is a blast, but the clean-up that follows? Not so much. Ordinary waterproof clothing doesn’t always get the job done. Lucky for you, FINNTRAIL Wading Gear is far from ordinary. Its durable, breathable material provides protection from mud and sharp branches without compromising mobility, ensuring maximum comfort while riding.
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Waders are a type of waterproof riding gear. They help you traverse chest-deep water and splashes while remaining 100% dry and mobile. It is reliable and long-lasting. All the high-wear areas, such as knees and seat, are reinforced. Some waders are equipped with a 100% waterproof zipper. Waders guarantee 100% protection against water and mud.
Extra reinforcement
In addition to the fact that all FINNTRAIL waders are made from durable materials, fabric with extra wear-resistant layer is used for maximum strength in the lower, inner part of the legs, the area of the knees and the buttocks.
+ Teflon Protection
5 Extra reinforcement
4 Base Material
3 Hard-Tex Membrane
2 Protective Layer
1 Inner Lining
It allows for unrestricted movement. The knee has an articulated shape and allows you to comfortably move.
A removable knee protection is installed inside the waders, it protects against minor injuries when falling or in contact with a hard surface.
The waders are equipped with durable socks. Special 4mm neoprene socks with glued seams and reinforced soles for cushioning and comfort. Special shoes are worn on the sock.
Note: special boots are required.
High boots for waders
These boots perfectly fix your ankle in place, prevent dislocation and injury. Durable sole protects the foot. Durable materials protect the boot from cuts and punctures.
Boots for riders
Jacket for waders
The jacket is made of a durable fabric that is resistant to contact with sharp branches when riding through the forest. It is worn on top of the waders, does not get wet and prevents water from flowing into the waders.
Chest Pockets
Chest pockets are located high enough to not allow water get inside and additionally equipped with moisture-resistant zippers.
Magnetic flap
Most FINNTRAIL jackets use magnetic snaps that retain their functionality in all conditions instead of Velcro, which quickly becomes clogged with dirt and stops working.
Heavy-duty zippers
Heavy-duty, water-resistant zippers are installed on the jackets; if dirt gets into it, the zipper does not get stuck and continues to work.
Cuffs with protection against water leakage.
Most FINNTRAIL jackets have elasticated neoprene cuffs with glued seams. They are 100% protective against water flowing into the sleeves, even when the hands are in water.
100% waterproof pouch
When riding into water, moisture gets into your pocket, and a smartphone worth up to $1000 can break. We has taken care of this and every waders buyer gets a 100% waterproof smartphone pouch as a gift!
Wading gear
Base layer
Moisture removal and heat saving
Thermal underwear
middle layer
Highly durable and warmth without weight
Outer layer
Protection against water, mud and wind
Durable fabric and membrane
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