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2023 Schedule Top Off-Road Events in the United States

Looking for this year’s off-road events to take your riding and mingling to the next level? We’ve got you covered with an off-road 2023 schedule of some of the hottest happenings with tons of mud and dirt. No one will stay clean.

2023 Mud Events in USA

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April 7-9 at Big Water, UT

This guided ATV ride leaves Big Water on Saturday, includes a stay at the Prospector Inn that night including dinner and breakfast, and takes you on another route back to Big Water.

April 20-22 at Oliver Springs, TN

There is more rock-climbing and trail riding fun to be had in Oliver Springs on this day during the Spring Shindig. This is a huge party full of mud and music. 

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Spring Mud Jam // Image from

April 27-30 at Talladega, AL

Want some hardcore action? Take part in Spring Mud Jam at TOP Trails OHV Park. Enjoy hardcore bounty racing in tons of mud. Send it!

April 27-30 at Bowling Green, MO

A fun family weekend of mudding and off-roading at Pike’s Off Road Park. The doors of Mega MudFest 2023 are open for trucks, SXS’s and ATV’s and adventure enthusiasts of all skill levels.

April 27-May 1 at Bowling Green, MO

Mega MudFest is a fun family weekend of off-road riding and mudding competitions at Pike’s Off Road Park. 

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Mud Bash // Image from

May 1-7 at Goldsboro, NC

Enjoy one of the wildest UTV events in the nation.  Mud Bash Week 2023 is the whole week of crazy riding and hanging out at Busco Beach and ATV Park.  

May 4-7 at Jacksonville, TX

Check out the Mudd Jam at River Run Park. This event is always full of deep mud holes, trails, camping, and entertainment - it's definitely the one you don't want to miss.

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Muddy Bottoms // Image from

May 26-29 at Sarepta, LA

Come visit Mudapalooza 2023 and hit the tons of mud to kick off summer at Muddy Bottoms ATV & Recreation Park

June 24 at Silver Bay Minnesota

When visiting Ride the Shore event, you’ll find some of the most spectacular trails in the North Shore of Minnesota. 

July 20-23 at Bowling Green, MO

Join the wild event-packed Summer Slam 2023 at Pikes Off Road Park. All riders and campers are welcome there.

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August 10-13 at Patton, PA

Give yourself a blast of fun at  Summer Blast in Rock Run ATV Recreation Park. You'll enjoy demonstration rides, product and food vendors, camping, and trail riding. 

September 1-4 at Sarepta, LA

You don't want to miss one of the oldest running events in the ATV/UTV Off-Road industry. Mudstock 2023 is the right place for mud riders to showcase their emerging talents.

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Rednecks With Paychecks // Image from

September 21-24 at Saint Jo, TX

If you've missed  Rednecks With Paychecks in march, you still have a chance to enjoy this action-packed event full of wild music, mud, and mayhem. 

October 5-8 at Goldsboro, NC

Mark your calendar and get ready for Fall Bash 2023. This is the final stop in the 2023 King of the Deep Bounty Series at Busco Beach and ATV Park. 

October 12-15 at Jacksonville, TX

Enjoy a river run, racing, vendors, and a treasure hunt at Muddin’ for a Cure event that is held at River Run ATV Park.

November 9-12 at Jacksonville, TX

If you want to keep the off-roading spirit alive as the weather cools, you’ll be glad to discover the annual Mudaholic Convention at River Run ATV Park. You'll experience extreme mudding, trail riding, camping, fishing, and live music.


In this list of upcoming off-road events, you can find the event that’s closest to you or the one that would make the best travel destination, whatever you want for yourself this year. And these are just the highlights. The event calendar is updating. Stay tuned!

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