Easy Ways to Turn Your 2-Seater to a Family UTV

When you bought it, 2 seats were what you needed, but now, you need to bring 3, 4, or maybe 5 along for the adventure. You may be picturing having to buy a whole new UTV, but you’re in luck. It is possible to easily and affordably turn your 2-seater to a family UTV. We’ll tell you how.

Convert 2 Seat UTV to 4 Seater

There are two ways to upgrade your UTV to a family UTV. You can add a bump or center seat to make room for one more, or you can add a cage extension kit to make room for two or 3 more people in the back. Both of these options are low-cost upgrades that are easy to install and easy to remove when no longer needed.

We should warn you that you need to consider your side by side’s weight requirements before making these upgrades. The balance is crucial to safe riding. If you get overly ambitious with your UTV 2 seater to 4 seat conversion, you run the risk of tipping or rolling over. We always want to avoid these accidents, but the desire is even greater when we’re bringing our little ones.

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Bump Seat Option

Bump seats fit between the driver and passenger seats. There’s more room in there than you think! These seats can accommodate children from toddler age to ones weighing up to 60lbs, and they cost between $200 and $400. If it doesn’t come with a youth harness, you’ll have to purchase one separately. These seats are so easy to install that it will only take you about one hour.

You may think it’ll be crowded with three people fitting in the same space that two people did, but it’s not as cramped as you think. The child will also enjoy being able to be up front where the action is as well as where their parents are. When your child isn’t coming with you, the bump seat makes a very comfortable arm rest.

You’ll choose the bump seat based on your UTV’s make and model. If you have already upgraded your seats, it’ll make finding a good fit more difficult. Also, notice whether the bump seat is made for the front or rear of a UTV. Some are interchangeable, but others aren’t.

If you want to make your 4 seater a 6 seater, you can add a bump seat in the front and in the back.

utv rear back seat for polaris rzr.jpg

Cage Extension

Cage extensions are actually the best family 4 seat UTV option even compared to one designed for 4 people, because a larger UTV is built to accommodate a given number of adults. Cage extensions are designed particularly for children, so they’ll be the perfect size. They also sit the children up higher where you can see them better.

These upgrades are easy to install and so easy to remove that it will only take you 20 minutes. This is great for times when you won’t be going out with the family and will only need a two seater. They cost around $2k, which is nothing to sneeze at, but it’s considerably cheaper than buying a new UTV.

These bench seats can hold 2 to 3 children, depending on the seat. Check the specifications before making your purchase to be sure you’re getting a seat that fits your needs.

Like the bump seat, these extensions are made for your make and model of UTV. This helps them fit snugly and look great.


Bump seats and cage extensions are easy and effective ways to turn your 2 seater UTV into a side by side for family. They are not good ways to bring extra adults along. Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to get a new UTV for that. To make sure they are safe, always use the youth harnesses and calculate the amount of weight your UTV is designed to hold before adding the seats. These upgrades will be effective, comfortable, and enjoyable ways to upgrade your existing UTV for family use rather than buying a new UTV.

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