FINNTRAIL's Dealer Angler OÜ Celebrating Success at the Tori-Jõesuu Spinningupüügivõistlus

Tori-Jõesuu Spinningupüügivõistlus

On 18th of May a pike fishing tournament called the Tori-Jõesuu Spinningupüügivõistlus took place in Estonia. Thanks to our partner, Angler OÜ, FINNTRAIL participated in this competition as a proud sponsor. FINNTRAIL not only supported the tournament with prizes but also saw remarkable achievements from its partners.

FINNTRAIL's local dealer, Angler OÜ, was well represented by its owners, Kristina and Vladimir, who joined 164 other passionate anglers. Kristina won in the "Best Women" and the overall absolute score categories. In a heartwarming gesture of sportsmanship, she chose to donate her FINNTRAIL prizes to the runner-ups in her categories, embodying the true spirit of the fishing community.

Kristina won in the "Best Women"

FINNTRAIL thoughtfully selected prizes that could cater to the practical needs of avid anglers, featuring durable, high-quality gear that exemplifies FINNTRAIL's dedication to enhancing the outdoor experience.

FINNTRAIL prizes of avid anglers

The Tori-Jõesuu Spinning Reel Contest was more than just a competition. It was a celebration of the fishing community's passion, skill, and friendship. With 166 participants demonstrating their angling abilities, the event was a big success.

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