HARD-TEX® Membrane: Why Do We Use It In Our Gear

It’s a HARD-TEX® membrane that makes the FINNTRAIL gear so magical. Or scientific, actually. Let us explain. Here are 5 things you should know before you opt for the HARD-TEX® gear.

What is so special about HARD-TEX®?

The membrane fabrics bring together two features that were long considered total opposites - waterproofness & breathability.

Apparel with the HARD-TEX® membrane keeps out water and mud, yet still allows moisture that comes from sweat escape. 

waterproof membrane waders

How does it work?

The HARD-TEX® membrane looks like a microporous film with billions of tiny holes. These pores are smaller than raindrops and larger than vapor molecules. Due to this structure, the HARD-TEX® membrane stops liquid water but allows vapor to pass through. That means much more comfort and fun than a rubber raincoat.

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What does the rating mean?

When buying membrane gear, you may see waterproof ratings such as 15,000 mm or up. But what’s behind these figures?

Waterproofness of a fabric is its resistance to water pressure. High-performance membrane outerwear is usually in the 15,000 mm - 25,000 mm range. That means you will stay completely dry even when you encounter prolonged exposure to water at a depth up to 1.5m (5 ft).

hard-tex membrane structure

Why do we use multi-layer membrane fabrics?

The membrane alone is actually fragile. In order to protect it against external factors and make it robust, we’ve developed a multi-layer structure. Additional layers of fabric protect the membrane from both sides. That’s why you don’t see the membrane - it’s hidden between the visible outer fabric and the lining. 

Membrane vs Neoprene: What’s better?

membrane fabrics or neoprene

Wrapping up

The HARD-TEX® membrane is an incredibly strong thin material which makes the outerwear waterproof, breathable and lightweight. When applied in powersports gear, it allows riders to perform at their best, whilst staying dry and warm.

atv ride in water
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