How to store the gear

11 September, 2020

The golden rule is: the better you take care of something, the longer and better it serves. Read the article to know how to care for membrane gear or rather, how to store it correctly. Storage tips. The membrane will thank you ????

Membrane clothes should be stored only after cleaning

It doesn't have to be a wash. Clean your waders and jacket from adhering dirt and rinse under running water. Rinse sand, mud and clay particles off your shoes. Pull the insoles out and dry the inside with a dry rag. Proceed to the next step.


After cleaning, drying is in progress

If you don’t do this, but throw your waders into a far corner, you may be unpleasantly surprised by the smell before the next ride. Do not dry gear near bonfires, heaters and in direct sunlight — all of this can deform the membrane and destroy water-repellent properties of the fabric.


If possible, store the gear flat, upright, in a dry and ventilated area

If possible, use clothing covers to protect the membrane from dust. The dust clogs the membrane structure and "blocks" breathing.

! It’s better to hang the waders on special loops for drying.

Pay attention to creases: do not leave them during storage. Creases can damage protective layers, which lead to micro cracks on it and decrease effectiveness of gear.


Like everything, gear loses its useful properties with each wash. Try to minimize the number of washes and the gear will last a long time.

And that's it! There are only 3 simple rules that require 15-20 minutes of time. Let's take care of the gear to be ready to ride the mud anytime!

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