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Here they are - Full Throttle racing team. Today we talk about their charged quads, count all the championships they got and they missed because of pandemic. Read the article — feel the real ATV-power!

Please introduce your team, who you are and where people could see you.

Team Full Throttle Racing
  • Kolten Courtney
  • Daryl Courtney
  • Colton Korolewich
  • Johnathon Johnsto
  • Jenny Johnston
  • Jenny Johnston
  • Travis Skorupski
full throttle racing team

How long have you been driving off-road? What made you take your ATV ride for the first time?

Driving off road vehicles started for a lot of us at a young age whether it was dirt bikes as early as the age of 4 years old to using them for hunting purposes.

How many championships have you participated in? How many prizes did you get?

We have participated in countless races from northern Manitoba Canada all the way to the lower United States in Texas. Just last season of 2019 hold.

  • King and queen of the mud pilot mound.
  • St Jean queen of mud.
  • Hilltop open class, women's class and king of bounty hole titles.
  • Canadian championship mud racing title in open class as well as open.
  • Women's and bogger 2 class titles at Haydays grass drags to highlight some of the bigger wins.

Do you remember your first race in life? Or which race was the most memorable and why?

  • Kolten's first ATV race took home 1st place open class Selkirk in 2016
  • Daryl's first ATV race was FRCC 2016, she took home first place
  • Johnathon’s first ATV race of St Jean took home second place
  • Jenny’s first ATV race at pilot mound 2019
  • Travis’s first ATV race was in 2014 in Gimli, Manitoba
  • Colton’s first ATV race was in 2015 Gimli first place

COVID-19 is still raging around the world, most huge competitions are canceled, but for professionals it is important to stay in shape. How do you spend your time before or between competitions? How do you prepare yourself and your machines?

Covid 19 definitely canceled a bunch of races for 2020 we were all prepped to load up and travel 28 hrs to race Texas River run ATV Park for the season opener CMR race but the border from USA to Canada closed.

Still managed to compete in all the local races we could. We spend a lot of time riding for fun on weekends, the more seat time on the ATV the better. On any given weekend you can catch us with a beer around a bonfire on the trail after winching stuck quads.

atv racing in mud

Do you have some kind of universal kit for competition? Any rituals which help you maybe? Some kind of "Rabbit foots" maybe?

We all help each other out when it comes to race day and making sure all the units are ready to rip. After a race you can always find us back at the campers celebrating win or lose cause its always a great day when you're racing.

Tell more about competitions you participate in. How do they usually go? What do you like most about racing?

Most of the competitions we participate in are multi competition full weekend events. For example Filthy redneck country club, one of our favorite places to be has monster truck freestyle, demolition derby race, The Canadian championship mud racing and a burnout/tug of war competition all in one weekend.

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Blitz Round

Mud or muskeg?

No Brainer Canadian MUSKEG!

Bounty hole or trail?

Depends what you call a trail around here they all have natural bounty holes in them so weekend trail rides.


That is a difficult question almost everyone on the team owns both of it depends on the type of ride we go on. Muskeg rides are mostly ATV.

atv polaris rzr

Tell more about your current machines. What are you riding now? What did you change in it and for what purpose?

    Our Current list of Machines are:
  • Open/Women class Gen 1 Can am renegade on 4 inch lift, 36 inch assassinators, FTP big bore, custom FTP weber cam, FTP nitrous kit, 54mm Throttlebody, Arp headstuds, NPP exhaust, DynoJet Power Commander 5, FTP diff brace, sub frame, bash plate and footwells, RMC wrap kit.
  • Pro A class Gen 1 Can am renegade Ftp big bore and weber cam, 32 inch assassinators, DynoJet Power commander 5, FTP diff brace, sub frame, bash plate, footwells and rims, NPP exhaust.
  • SXS class Polaris RZR 900xp Ftp built forged internals engine, MCX turbo kit, 3 inch lift, 32 inch assassinators.
  • SXS class Can am Maverick FTP built 1143 going in, has a MCX turbo kit, S3 roll cage, 3 inch lift, 36 inch assassinators, nitrous kit, RJWC exhaust, RMC wrap kit.
  • Pro A/open gen 1 renegade 940 ftp big bore, 54mm throttle body, arp headstuds, custom FTP custom weber cam, FTP nitrous kit, bash plate, footwells and crushlocks, 32 inch assassinators, Rjwc exhaust.
  • Open Class Gen 1 renegade, 4 inch Catvos lift, 35 inch interforce 2 tires on 16 inch OMC crushlocks, FTP 940 big bore, FTP Custom weber cam, ftp footwells, mud and wheels rear diff, looney tuned exhaust, RMC wrap kit, boss noss nitrous kit, gorilla rad relocate.
  • Stock class gen 2 outlander 800, hmf exhaust, Dyno jet power commander 5, 32 inch assassinators, qsc primary, stm secondary, FTP footwells.

What brands do you trust in tuning?

For tuning we have Monster tune efi change some parameters in the ecu for us. DynoJet hooked us up with hands down the best plug and play tuner on the market then from there Full Throttle Powersports tunes everyone of our bikes gets them dialed in for race day.

Can you give advice for those who are just starting to take part in competitions? How to prepare a bike for it?

For people wanting to start out in mud racing, we are always down to help you out with any questions you have. We want to grow this sport as big as we can, if you ever thought about racing do it! Everyone we see tries it the first time gets hooked. Start out in the stock class that way you don't need any major modifications to be competitive and send it!

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