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The Average Cost for Common ATV/UTV Repairs

Part of determining if you can afford an ATV or side by side is the cost of maintenance and repairs. These machines take a punishment and need a lot of maintenance. Repair is an inevitable part of ownership, though you can extend periods of time between needing it and reduce its cost with proper maintenance. This post will make it easy to factor repairs into your budget by sharing with you the average ATV repair cost for most of the repairs you’ll need and telling you how to save money by doing it yourself.

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ATV Repair Cost

These costs will be averages. You may be able to find lower or higher costs in your area, but this list will give you an idea of the normal price range.

After Break-in Service

Brand new quads have to be broken in to work properly. Read your owner’s manual to determine how long your break-in period is. It is normally between 25 and 50 riding hours. When you’re done, the oil will need to be changed (it will probably need to be done during the break-in too). It’s a good idea to check various other components of your vehicle like the valves and major systems and change your other fluids, spark plugs, and idle speed. Your warranty will probably require this service, so while it is a good idea, it isn’t optional for most owners of new quads.

Hiring a mechanic to do it will for you will cost between $150 and $300. If that sounds extreme, many riders agree. If you’re handy, you can do all of these things yourself and still meet your warranty as long as you provide suitable documentation of your work. You might also be able to negotiate a price reduction into the cost of your quad if you don’t want to DIY.

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Oil Change

Like a car, your ATV needs regular oil changes. A mechanic will usually charge between $30 and $55. You can DIY for $10 to $30 and only 20 minutes of work.

Air Filter

Air filters need to be changed often. It’s too often to take it to the mechanic, though they will usually do it as part of other service jobs. It’s much more practical to DIY, and it’s easy. The cost of the filters costs $5 to $50. Some filters get cleaned instead of replaced, so you won’t have to spend that money each time your filter gets dirty.

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Depending on your mechanic, a tune-up may include different services. It will usually be something like an inspection, oil change, cleaning of the oil filter, cable adjustment and lube, valve adjustment, compression test, air pressure test, spark plug change, coolant flush, and more. This will cost between $100 and $400. If you’re handy and you have the tools, you can do all of this yourself.

Coolant Flush

Flushing your coolant and replacing it with new will cost $60 to $100 at a mechanic. You can do it in about an hour or two hours for a third of the cost.

Brake Fluid Flush

This repair usually costs around $50 per brake. You can DIY for less than $20 total.

atv tire change.jpg

Tire Change

Whether you need to change your tires because they’re worn or you want ones that better suit your riding needs, this will need to be done sometime. The labor costs about $25 per tire, and the tires themselves can cost $20 to $250 each. The cost of the tire depends on the tires you want to buy. It isn’t hard to change your tires yourself and save the $100.

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads need to be replaced pretty often. How often depends on how you ride and the pads you purchase or got on your ATV. The pads themselves will need to be replaced and the brake system will need to be bled. This costs around $40 to $70 for either the front or back. If you’re handy, you can do this job yourself for $10 to $60 total.

Carb Overhaul

This is a fairly complicated job because it requires taking apart the carburetor, cleaning it and all of the passages, tuning components, and more. It costs between $75 and $200. Some ATVs have more than one carb. If you’re up to it, you can do the job yourself by purchasing a kit for $20 to $40.

atv cvt belt clutch.jpg

Clutch Replacement

For $150, you can get the clutch plate done and an oil change. If you need more clutch work, it could cost $300-$500.

Doing it yourself costs $50 to $150. It may take less than an hour if you don’t have to remove your engine to get to it. That will take two to three hours.


Valve work costs anywhere from $100 to $250. If you only need to replace your valves, you can purchase those for $5 to $15. A shim kit, if needed, will likely cost at least $50. You will get multiple uses out of these shim kits.

CV Boots & Joints

Work on a CV boot or joint costs between $80 and $200. The CV boot can be replaced for only $15, if you know how. You might only want to DIY a CV joint if you’re very skilled.

Top-End Rebuild

Rebuilding the top-end costs around $500 to $700. It is less expensive if you have a 2-stroke engine. This job requires a lot of precision. If you DIY, the highest price will be $400. You can do it for half that price or even less, depending on what you need and whether you just need a kit.

atv in garage service.jpg

Doing it Yourself

Most quad owners do their own oil changes, filter cleaning and replacement, spark plug changes, and tire changes. Many of them do much more. It depends on whether you want to do it and feel you can confidently do the job. Many jobs are easy to DIY while others are more difficult or absolutely must be done by a professional.

You will need to purchase tools for the DIY projects you intend to tackle and a place to keep these tools and spare parts.

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