Unveiling the Truth: What ATV Riders Really Think about the Finntrail Stockingfoot System. BONUS: Video Inside

When it comes to conquering the off-road trails on your ATV, staying comfortable and protected is crucial. One gear system that has been making waves among ATV riders is the Finntrail Stockingfoot System. In this article, we delve into the opinions and experiences of ATV riders who have put the Finntrail gear to the test. Join us as we uncover the truth behind what riders truly think with certain video proofs. 


The Top 5 reasons why Finntrail Stockingfoot waders are superior to Old School Bootfoot waders.


Finntrail waders with stocking feet were a game changer for me. The boots are a driving force to what makes these waders the best in the business. Boots are extremely light and comfortable with sizes that actually match your feet which prevents them from getting stuck in the mud. They fit like a hiking boot and provide great ankle support when walking through rough uneven ground. One last thing, they look damn good (even covered in mud!).


1. You get a boot that actually fits your foot, not one based on your height.
2. Ankle support! That speaks for Itself.
3. Better traction on all surfaces.
4. Foot protection. These aren’t just thin rubber boots glued to waders.
5. They are light weight and not clunky.
Bonus. They just plain look cooler. I’m in my mid 30’s now and I need all the help I can lookin cool.


When you wanna be comfortable, protected, lightweight and tough.


@mudmaven and @muddymonkeyoffroad:

The built-in neoprene sock that’s attached to the waders means comfort and no leaks. The separate boot provides better traction, ankle protection, and comfort because you can get the right size for your feet. Also, no more worries about tearing around the top of the boot. Finntrail gear was designed by riders for riders… not fishing. And you will definitely know that is a fact the first time you put on a set!


No more boot waders getting stuck in the mud. No more heavy rubber boots rubbing on your shins all day. These wader and boot combos don’t only look good but they keep you warm and dry. The ankle support from the boot is definitely the cherry on top. Sizing is much better than traditional waders as well.

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