Brad Barmore
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Brad Barmore

Birthdate: 12.07.1987
Current machine: 2018 Can-Am Outlander XMR Ol’ Red
I am the founder and the man behind the scenes of Herby’s Mud Club out of Gerry, New York-USA. I founded HMC in 2017 when I owned a little Arctic Cat 400 with some Mud Zillas. I thought I was on top of the atv mud world, until I saw a video of Dave “Ostacruiser”. I immediately wanted a bigger and better machine, I wanted the proper gear to handle our conditions and I wanted to share our adventure with the world.

It took me about a year before our social media was created and because of our unique mud known as Herbys Quag and a variety of content we exceeded my expectations quickly. It’s been a blast getting to know people from all over the world, and to be recognized in the Mudding world. I speak on behalf of our club that we’re proud to be a part of Team Finntrail. We love the product for its durability, comfort and style.
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