ATV Racks vs ATV Basket: How To Determine Which One Suits Your Needs

ATV storage determines how much gear you can bring with you for safety, enjoyment, and extended trips. This makes it a popular ATV upgrade with many options available. Read on to learn how to choose between ATV racks and baskets.

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Benefits of Having an ATV Rack or Basket

Racks and baskets help you carry and haul materials, tools, or supplies that you need when heading out for some rural living.

Racks Vs. Baskets

Racks are flatter with bars on the sides while baskets are deeper and have walls.

Both racks and baskets can go on the front or back of the machine, depending on their style.

Items on racks will be more visible than items nestled into a basket, so if this is a concern for you, you should choose a basket. You can also hold more items in a basket because they are deeper and have more carrying space.

You don’t have to choose. You can purchase combination racks and baskets, so you can get the best of both worlds. Some of them are flatter, a rack that extends into a basket while others are baskets with tall features for carrying all sorts of gear. Choose according to what you plan to carry.

How to Choose an ATV Rack or Basket


Determine the rack or basket’s weight resistance before you install it to make sure it can carry the items you want to bring with you.

Also read reviews to see what previous customers have already discovered about the product. Is it durable and convenient to use?


Determine where you’ll put your rack or basket. In the front or rear? You can’t move it around at will. They’re made to fit perfectly in certain places and may be made to fit only certain machines. Adding a front basket like expands your storage when you already have the back full.


Do you want a rack for a specific purpose or more general applications? Some racks are made specifically for certain tasks, like carrying guns. They are great for carrying guns, but pretty useless for holding anything else. Unless you want to dedicate that portion of your machine always to guns, you would do better to purchase a more general rack so you can bring whatever you want.


Read how the manufacturer intends for you to secure the product to your machine and read the views to see that what customers find matches the description. You want your rack or basket to stay in place and to securely hold your items. Look into how it will secure your items and whether the fastener or tie downs are strong. Are the sides strong enough to protect the gear you carry? Find that out too.


Discover how the rack or basket you are considering stands up to weather, water, and mud, It will encounter these conditions, and you don’t want it to wear fast because it’s not really cut out for the job.

Drop-down rack

Some products feature a drop-down gate instead of wall so you can more easily access everything in the basket. Think about what you will be carrying and how you’ll access it to determine how important this feature is to you.

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