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Benefits Of Electric ATVs And UTVs

As electric quads become more popular, you are bound to start wondering whether you need to go electric with your first or next quad purchase. We’ll help you decide whether an electric model is right for you in this post by covering the many benefits of electric ATV and UTV ownership.

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What Are the Advantages of an Electric Quad?

A more eco-friendly quad

For many, this may be the main reason they want an electric ATV or UTV. After all, you probably want to be outside because you love nature. You want to protect what you love by riding a machine that will be best for it. Electric quads produce no carbon emissions, require only a small amount of energy to charge, can’t leak oil, and have fewer parts to replace and throw away.

Enjoy your favorite hobby more sustainably with an electric bike.

Plenty of power

One of the main reasons people may think they need to stick with their gasoline quad is power. They don’t believe electric ATVs can provide enough power for their needs. The sports industry is constantly innovating, and electric quads become more powerful all the time. At the time of writing, you can find models that reach speeds of 60 mph with more than 350 hp and have a 100-mile range on one charge. That is more than enough for most riders’ needs and wants.

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While electric ATVs and UTVs may be a little more expensive up-front, they are much more cost-efficient during the course of their life. The electricity they use costs far less than the gas you’d use for a comparable machine. Even if you ride as often as we’d all love to ride, charging your quad will probably only raise your electric bill the same amount as running a window AC for the same length of time. Electric bikes also require much less maintenance for you to spend money on.


Hunters need to be quiet if they don’t want to scare their targets away, but being quiet is not likely with a gasoline ATV or UTV. Those things are known for loud and obnoxious noises.

Electric quads are silent. If you’re hunting, you can blend in with your environment better so you have a more natural array of animals in your area. For every other off-roading adventure, you can enjoy the sounds of water, mud, trees, animals, and your fellow riders sharing their excitement with you.

Less headache

You will still need to perform some maintenance on your machine, every great thing needs care to keep being so great for a long time, but it will take much less maintenance than you have to do on a gasoline model. It has fewer parts to maintain! The parts it does have are also less complicated. There aren’t even any oils to change or keep filled. If you hate maintenance, and many of us do, you should give serious consideration to buying an electric quad.

Enjoyable rides

Here’s one of the benefits of an electric vehicle that hasn’t gotten enough attention. Electric quads weigh less, so they’re easier to maneuver, putting more power in your hands. You can more easily tackle tough terrain and avoid obstacles, and the ride will be physically less demanding.


While we’re talking about quads weighing less, this point also makes electric quads safer in the event of a crash or roll. The weight of gasoline engines is one of the many factors that makes off-roading a potentially dangerous sport. If one of those things lands on you, your outlook is grim. The less a quad weighs, the better your outcome.

Better for youth and beginners

The two points we just mentioned above, better maneuverability and less weight, make electric quads the best choice for kids, teens, and new riders of any age. They are less likely to get in an accident because they can better control their machines and they are in less danger if they do crash. Electric ATVs also have easier controls so they are more straightforward to operate.

Charging is easy

You can charge your quad at home with just a regular home outlet. It takes a few hours, so most people do it overnight, but you don’t have to go anywhere or have any special equipment.

Fast ignition

Ignition is faster on electric bikes. If you want to spend more time riding and less time fiddling with your machine, go electric.

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