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Digital Display on an ATV Is Not Working: How To Fix It

Your digital display on your ATV is debatably one of the most important tools on your rig. It’s where you get all of the information you need to ride safely and be in tune with your ride. When the digital display goes out, your info center is completely shut off and you’re on your own. It’s important that you get towards fixing it as soon as possible so you can keep on riding.

Knowing how to fix the digital display on your ATV is a process that always starts with diagnosing the problem. There are a lot of different reasons why the digital display isn’t working, so you have to start at the top of the list and work your way down it. You may need to completely check the wiring system because when one wire gets crossed in the wrong way, the whole machine won’t work right.

Aside from that worst case scenario, you might have success with something as simple as replacing a blown fuse. Whatever you need to do, we’ll help walk you through how to fix an ATV digital display screen and hopefully get you wired back into your rig.

digital display on atv is not working

Unplug the battery

One of the easiest fixes is to simply disconnect your battery and leave it overnight. Sometimes a shorter break can work, but you may as well try it all night long. This can work to reset the system as it will allow for a complete cutoff from power. It’s probably the easiest way to fix your ATV’s digital display, but often the most reliable.

Check the fuses

For any electrical issues, checking the fuse box is a good bet. For whatever reason, your system may be putting out too much of a current and shorting out the fuse. It’s an easy fix, but you’ll need the right tools to do so.

To check the fuse, you’ll need a multimeter. Connect the meter to the two small metal plates on the fuse, outside of the number, and check for a reading. If your meter gives you a reading, the fuse is still working and it isn’t the problem. If you get no response, simply replace the fuse and you should be good to go.

Check all connections

Going through the entire wiring system to look for loose connections might be your last option. This will require a solid working knowledge of electrical systems, but can be done by novices as well. Essentially, you are looking for anything that may have come loose during your rides and disconnected any wires leading to your digital display.

These issues can often be fixed by refastening the wire or even soldering the wire to make it more secure.

Remember that you need to unplug your battery before going into any electrical systems just in case you end up crossing some wires and don’t want to end up getting a huge shock of power running through you.

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