How Far Will a Polaris EV Go On a Charge

Polaris electric UTVs are some of the best electric UTVs on the market. If you’re interested in getting your own Polaris EV, it’s incredibly important to know how far a Polaris EV will go on a charge.

How far Polaris EV charges can take you depends on a lot, but in general you can get between 45 and 80 miles on a single charge with different Polaris electric UTVs. The Polaris Kinetic is one of their newest models boasting 80 miles of range, which is rather impressive.

While the Kinetic is a big deal for 2023, other Polaris products are still worth checking out. Overall, you can use any Polaris product, including the Kinetic Ranger, to get everything you need done with an electric UTV and more. 

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How Long Can a Polaris EV Run on One Charge?

When we talk about an electric UTV running on one charge, it means hours of consistent use. This doesn’t include the time where you’ve stopped and are sitting in a blind hunting. Your Polaris Kinetic, or any other model, won’t be working then, so the battery is saved.

In general you can get about 3 to 6 hours of consistent use on a single charge. This will change with the model you get as well. The Polaris XP Kinetic Premium has a 14.8 kWh battery while the Polaris Kinetic Ultimate has a 29.9 kWh battery that packs quite a punch.

Similarly to a larger fuel tank, you get more distance out of a bigger battery. The Polaris XP Kinetic Premium will take you 45 miles while the Kinetic Ultimate can get you up to 80 miles per charge.

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How Long Does It Take to Charge a Polaris EV?

Depending on a lot of factors, your Polaris electric vehicle will take between 8 and 12 hours to get a full battery charge. A battery will take more or less time to charge up depending on the cycle that it’s in. Always ensure that the battery is fully connected to the charger before leaving it for the night.

You don’t always need to charge the battery to 100 percent. Doing this on a Polaris electric UTV can actually harm the battery over time. The battery works harder at certain points of its cycle. So, if you can get enough miles out of the remaining charge that you have at the end of the day, forego plugging in.

How Long Will a Polaris EV Battery Last?

It’s generally a good idea to get any Polaris electric battery replaced every 3 to 4 years. That being said, each Polaris UTV comes with a 3 year powertrain warranty and is backed by a 5 year battery coverage.

If you take care of your Polaris battery, whether it is the Kinetic Premium or the Kinetic Ultimate, you can keep a battery for a long time before needing to get it replaced. Like we mentioned earlier, be careful with how often you charge it and how often you allow the battery to fully empty. Follow the owner’s manual and get the best lifespan possible.

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