How to Choose A UTV for Mud Riding

Going mud riding with your UTV is one of the fun parts of owning a UTV. Driving through the mud trails is an exciting and fun-filled experience.

However, as fun as mud riding can be, it has some interesting challenges. These challenges necessitate considering a few requirements when choosing your UTV.

Considering these requirements when buying your UTV helps ensure you enjoy your ride as you navigate through the wet, muddy terrain.

utv for mud riding

1. Brand

Choosing the right UTV is essential if you intend to go for mud drives. Since not all UTVs are suitable for mud trails, it makes sense to make sure your potential UTV ticks all the necessary boxes before choosing it for mud trailing.

As a guide, Polaris, Yamaha, and Can-Am are a few companies specializing in making UTVs for mud driving.

2. Tires

There are different kinds of tires available for UTVs. While some UTV tires are all-purpose, some are made for mud riding. Hence, these tires perform best in different trails, and it is best to know what the tires are built for before choosing a UTV.

Thread blocks separate one tire category from the other. Good mud tires have deeper threads and are angled-shaped. These tires also have self-cleaning properties, so they can easily get rid of mud when they get to solid ground.

The mud tires you choose should preferably have lugs of about two inches to ease movement through the thick clunks of mud. This is also necessary for improved durability.

Another factor to consider is the weight of your tires. Many UTVs have weak axles and can get weaker with mud tires because they are too heavy. Hence, you want to ensure your tires are not too heavy for the task.

3. Snorkels

Your UTV snorkels breathe fresh air into your UTV engine. However, snorkels are positioned differently in UTVs. UTVs with lower snorkels easily allow mud and water into the engine and other components during mud riding. Hence, it is best to choose a UTV with higher snorkels.

4. Power

Power is another important factor to consider in your choice of mud UTV. A UTV with high power is essential for mud driving. A lot of power is needed to drive the bulky mud tires and pull the side-by-side out of the muddy terrains.

5. Gear

UTVs have different gears for different terrains, and you will need low gears to move through the mud. UTVs manufactured for mud drives have low gears to give higher revs and support the vehicle's heavy weight.

6. Clutch

UTVs for mud drives need to have a special clutch for mud drives installed. Since mud riding requires more revs than normal riding, a normal clutch isn't ideal for mud riding.

You can choose to install a special clutch or buy a UTV with an already-fitted clutch.

7. Windshields

Riding through the mud will split mud particles on your windshields, which can block your vision if you go with full windshields. And since you want to keep your face and your vehicle's interior protected, it is not wise to leave the windshield open completely. Hence, the best way is to choose half windshields or flip-up/tip-out versions.

8. Winch

A winch is an important accessory to have when going on mud riding. A winch might be left on the back burner when riding on other terrains, but it is an utmost necessity for riding in the mud, as it can be a lifesaver whenever you are stuck in the mud.

When your UTV is stuck in a muddy trail, and your machine won't still move after changing gears and increasing acceleration, you have nothing to fear. Tying your winch to a tree or a heavier object will help pull out your UTV from the mud.

Finally, finding a UTV for mud driving can be a bit difficult, but going for UTVs specially manufactured for mud driving is a very good choice. Choosing a UTV with these requirements lets you have an enjoyable ride through the mud trails.

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