How to Choose Aftermarket Doors for Your UTV

Choosing the right aftermarket doors for your UTV can drastically up your UTV’s style as well as your protection from the elements. Often, the doors that come from the factory aren’t so easy on the eyes, and aren’t the safest doors you can get. If you choose aftermarket doors for your UTV with the right things in mind, you’ll go out on the trails more confidently and look good doing it.

There are a few different factors to take into consideration when choosing the right aftermarket doors for your UTV. You’ll want to first choose between half doors and full doors, then look at the different style of latches they have on them, as well as their construction. Most doors on the market won’t add too much weight to your machine, but some can cut corners when it comes to staying shut without rattling around or opening up when bumped too aggressively.

The best thing to do to choose aftermarket doors for your UTV is to look at a wide variety that will fit your make and model, consider the costs, and then read multiple in-depth reviews of each door. This will let you make the right choice for you, as many of these aren’t going to be light on the wallet.

utv with aftermarket doors

Full Door or Half Door?

Like we said, the first step is to narrow down the long list of options by deciding if you want a full door or a half door. There are a lot of benefits to both, as well as a few drawbacks. Nothing is ever able to do it all, but one of these may be better for you over the other.

Let’s look at half doors first. Half doors are going to provide you with a moderate level of protection from the mass amount of dirt and debris that your ride will likely be kicking up, but can’t give you the full coverage from the elements, so riding in the rain will be even wetter than normal.

The half door look is also incredibly stylish. They look sleek, less bulky, and more like a racing rig than a bulked up golf cart ready to go.

Half doors also cut down on the weight of your UTV overall if you’re worried about total weight for racing or towing. They’re relatively strong, as most are made out of durable aluminum metal, and it’s worth mentioning that half doors are significantly less expensive. That’s what you get for only buying half of a door.

Full doors on the other hand are going to excel in protecting you from the elements, which can be a total game changer for many people that are doing a lot of work over long days in their UTV. Staying dry while moving around is important for your mental well-being, as well as your health when it’s cold outside. The upside to full doors is that you can get some with strong windows that can be brought up and down, providing the option for more air on a nicer day.

Full doors are typically built from a tough polycarbonate material that will stay strong against all of the debris and elements that the trail will throw at you. This is undeniably the best choice if you’re only worried about protection.

Latching System

Another important thing to look at is the latching system that the door you choose uses. Aftermarket UTV doors will provide a variety of different options, but you may want to check out the slam-latch closures for ease of use.

A poorly built, cheap latching system will rattle around a lot while driving, so this is where you want to make the larger purchase and get a high-quality door rather than one that won’t stop rattling around and making your ride miserable.

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