How to Choose an ATV Trailer

How you haul your ATV is a crucial part of the ATV owning experience. You've got to be able to get your ATV to the trail, and you want to be able to do it safely and easily. If you have only one ATV, you might be able to haul it in your truck bed. If it is too large for your truck bed or you have friends and family who want to ride with you, you will need a trailer. This post will tell you what you need to consider to choose an ATV trailer.


atvs on trailer

One ATV might fit on a 4x6ft trailer, but 5x8ft is recommended and may be necessary for a larger ATV.

12ft to14ft trailers are a great fit for hauling two or three ATVs.

You'll need 16ft to18ft of trailer for four or more ATVs

Keep in mind that this varies depending on the size of the ATV. For instance, three large ATVs may require a 16ft trailer. Measure your ATVs to ensure they'll fit.

It is wise to buy a trailer a little larger than you need, if possible. If you want to add features onto your ATV or upgrade your ATV, you'll be grateful to already have a trailer to accommodate it.

Longer trailers are easier to pull than wider trailers. Consider getting one that is the same width or close to the same width as the vehicle that will be pulling it. The hauling will be easier and require less fuel.


You will need to know how much weight your trailer can hold. To help with that, many trailers come with an overall load capacity or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, GVWR).

If you will be figuring it out for yourself, the weight of the trailer will need to be included in your weight calculations, not just the ATVs it will hold.

Whether the trailer you're considering comes with a rating or not, it is a good idea to research the tire and axle ratings to determine how much they can carry. Figure the weight of the ATV(s) it will be expected to carry and add 500 pounds to account for the average trailer.


trailer with two atv

You'll have to make sure your truck or SUV can haul the trailer. It will need to have hitch hardware and have the capacity to pull the weight of both your trailer and ATVs. You may be surprised to find that smaller vehicles than you anticipated can perform this task, so don't automatically rule out your small truck, SUV, or even your car without doing the research.

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Trailers come with a loading ramp either on the back or on the side. Ramps on the back will get the job done, but if you want to load your ATVs sideways for maximum space, you have to manually turn the ATVs on the ramp. A trailer with a side ramp will make your life considerably easier.

It is possible to find trailers with both back and side ramp options to meet the demands of different vehicles you might want to haul.


ATV trailers are usually made of aluminum or steel.

Aluminum trailers are lighter, making them easier to pull and leaving more room for ATV weight, but they are also more expensive.

Steel trailers are less expensive, but they are heavier and more likely to rust.


Some things shouldn't be purchased used. Thankfully, ATV trailers are not one of those things! Check any used trailer you're considering to see that it looks and feels sound, drives well, has good tires, and all the electrical components work. if it seems fine, it's probably worth purchasing.


Don't forget to consider where you'll be storing your trailer. If you intend to put it in your garage, will it fit? Is there enough space in your backyard for a trailer of a certain size?


deckover trailers and atv
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Deckover trailers offer more loading space while keeping the overall width of the trailer small because the deck of the trailer is built over the wheels. Look into this option if you want to keep your width down while hauling larger ATVs.


Enclosed trailers offer extra protection for your ATV, whether while traveling or for everyday storage. There will be even more to consider when determining if the trailer will fit your ATVs. The trailer has to be able to hold the ATVs and the ATVS have to be able to easily fit through the door. This includes the door opening height as well as the size of the door. The trailer will also need to be able to fit wherever you intend to park it.

The width point made above also applies here, as does height. The more similar the trailer is to the height of the vehicle that will be pulling it, the easier it will be to haul and the less fuel it will require. So try to buy an enclosed trailer that is as close to the width and height of your pulling vehicle as you can.

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