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How to Choose ATV Mud Riding Accessories of 2023

One use of an ATV is mud riding. An ATV gives you the pleasure of riding in the mud with a thrilling experience. While you can take your quad out on adventures, you need to pair it with the best mud riding accessories.

Riding in the mud is quite different from riding on wetlands. As it involves riding deeper and harder, and going with the necessary accessories will make your trip a breeze. Customizing your ATV for mud riding improves your riding experience as you fight for your way through the mud.

Here are a few ATV mudding accessories in 2023:

atv mud riding

1. ATV Mud Tires

The first accessory you need for your ATV for mud riding is a set of solid tires designed for mud riding. Although your stock tires are for all terrains, and you may want to go with them for your mud riding, they won’t serve you well and may get you stuck in the mud. You need strong tires to carry your ATV through the messy, muddy ground.

Besides mud tires having aggressive treads to grab what comes their way and climb over it, they also have cleanout features that get them clean when back on a solid surface.

2. Mud Protection

Riding an ATV on wet grounds can be fun and improve your quad control skill, but the major challenge with this riding is mud. After mud riding, your next job is getting your ATV clean, which can be a lot of work for many of us. However, you can make this easier by installing mud protection.

ATV mud protection works by preventing mud from entering into hidden parts of your machine to avoid mud pileups.

Getting mud protection for your vehicle is not enough. Mud protection also includes protecting yourself. Since you are not protected against contact with mud, you must also cover yourself. Do this by wearing your protective gear, such as wading boots and jackets. 

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3. Winch

A winch is another tool you don’t want to miss on your mud-life ATV parts and accessories. A winch is handy when you are in tight spots and struggling to get your vehicle out. When your vehicle gets stuck in a muddy area, you only need to tie the winch to a rigid object with a rope or cable and watch as your vehicle moves towards the object once you engage the winch.

A winch works by turning a drum that withdraws the rope. As the drum turns, your vehicle is pulled towards the anchor (a tree in most cases).

Another use of a winch is to pull lighter objects toward the vehicle.

4. Exhaust

Another accessory to have with you for fun mud riding is an ATV exhaust. An extra ATV exhaust helps increase your quad power and take some load off your engine. Adding an exhaust to your ATV means used stuff in the engine is quickly released and the cylinders are clean for improved performance. You can have the best of this accessory by combining it with the fuel programmer.

5. CVT Belt

You might want to ask what a CVT belt has to do with mud riding, but it is an important ATV mudding accessory to have with you. Mud riding is powerful and requires more power from the engine.

The CVT belt transmits power from the engine to the transmission and even the wheels and is prone to an increased risk of wear and tear. Since you don’t want to get stranded in the middle of the mud, invest in a high-duty belt for your next mud ride/

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