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How to Choose Electric ATVs For Adults

There are a lot of ATVs out there, with various amounts of power and intended for different uses and ages. Electric ATVs used to be for kids, but as electric ATVs become more powerful and sophisticated, they are becoming an ever more popular option for adults. If you’re interested in branching into the world of ATVing while protecting the environment, hearing only nature sounds, and doing less maintenance, read this post on how to choose electric ATVs for adults, so you can sell yourself on the power these babies have and know that you’re getting the four wheeler you need for you and your riding style.

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Choosing An Electric Quad ATV for Adults

As with any ATV, the type of machine you need differs depending on your size, skill level, and riding style. You need to know these things before you purchase an ATV.

Smaller framed people need smaller and probably less powerful machines while large framed people need larger and more powerful ATVs.

People newer to riding should get a less powerful quad so they can develop their skill before having a beast of a machine at their command.

There are also different types of ATVs designed with specific capabilities for unique applications. A utility ATV is intended for farm work, construction, or any task involving hauling. Beginner ATVs are just that: designed to be simpler and easier to control for those just starting out. Sport ATVs are built for speed and extreme adventures.

So, before you start browsing ATVs, don’t worry so much about what is the best electric ATV in general, determine how much machine you need weight and power wise and how you intend to use your quad.

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Know What to Expect in An Electric ATV for Adults


Batteries are particularly important when you own an electric ATV because it is the sole thing that powers your machine.

Electric ATVs can come with either powerful lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries. Lead-acid batteries can get you 12V, 24V, and 36V. They’re on your more budget-friendly models. They’re fine, reliable batteries, but they’re not as powerful as lithium-ion batteries that can offer 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 56V, and more. Lithium-ion batteries are also more light-weight, have a longer life, and can be recharged faster.


Electric 4 wheelers have either brushed or brushless motors. Brushed motors wear out considerably faster, because, you guessed it, those brushes cause friction.

You need to know how much power your motor offers to know if an ATV will do what you want it to do or if it’s too much. A beginner or someone who only wants to trail ride only needs a small to moderate amount of power. The rest is overkill and could be dangerous.

These are the power levels available:

  • 300-1kW: for kids’ electric ATVs on flat terrain

  • 500-2kW: for beginner electric ATVs for adults and used on flat terrain

  • 2kW-4kW: moderate ATVs, for use on easy trails

  • 4kW-7kW: more powerful ATVs for moderate trails and terrain

  • 7kW and up: the most powerful ATVs needed for the toughest terrain

Top Speed

Those beginner ATVs, particularly on the lower end of the power scale, might only reach 15 mph, so be aware of that before purchasing. If you want that for safety purposes, then you are wise to do the safe thing. Safety is king with ATVing. If you’re a more seasoned rider, and hopefully able to ride safely at these higher speeds, you’ll be very disappointed if you accidentally purchase one of these ATVs thinking you were going to go much faster.

Typical electric ATVs can reach speeds between 40-60 mph, depending on the model. Definitely determine the top speed of an ATV you’re looking at.

It is possible to modify electric ATVs so they’ll reach 100 mph, but it isn’t safe.


This is very important. You have to know how far you can ride on a single charge.

Beginner’s ATVs usually have a range of 40-90 minutes. Other electric ATVs can have a range anywhere from 30 miles to 150 miles. That’s a huge difference, so make sure you know the range fits your needs and your budget before purchasing.

You should also be aware that how you’re riding uses your charge faster. The faster you go and the harder you’re pushing your machine, the more electricity it will use, so you could run out of charge faster than you think.

Load Capacity

Note the machine’s load capacity. It needs to be high enough to accommodate the weight of the rider, your storage, and any aftermarket upgrades you add on. But there also isn’t any reason to buy much more load capacity than you need.

What is the Best Electric ATV for Adults?

It’s hard to name exact models, because what’s best for one isn’t best for another. There are so many variables to consider.

Do be sure to:

  • Make a list of must have and nice to have features

  • Compare the price of the electric ATV with the features to find the sweet spot between what you need and want and what you can afford

  • Consider purchasing a used electric ATV if it will help you get what you need and want for a more wallet-friendly price (just purchase wisely)

  • Only buy well-known ATV brands

  • Read electric ATV for adults reviews to familiarize yourself with the real pros and cons of any model you consider

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