How To Choose Front and Rear ATV Basket

You need to bring a lot of gear with you when you go off-roading: food, water, safety supplies, spare parts and fluids, and the things you need to have whatever fun or work you’re planning to use your ATV for like fishing rods or camping equipment. This means storage is a top priority with ATVS and one of the most common upgrades. Baskets are one of the many storage options available to you. In this post, we’ll help you choose front and rear ATV baskets.

trip to the wild with rear atv basket

Why You Need an ATV Basket

There are many types of storage available. Why should you choose a basket? Baskets give you easy access to items you will need to use frequently or quickly. This might include your gun, fishing rod, landscaping materials, carpentry materials, or farming supplies.

Types of ATV Racks

Front ATV Racks

These racks attach to the front of your machine. Shorter, less distracting items or items that you want to have in view should be stored here.

Rear ATV Racks

These racks attach to the back of your machine where you can carry larger items like game and hefty containers. You will usually also have more options to strap items down in the rear.

Rear Drop Baskets

Rear drop baskets give you more storage space and more variety of options as they have two levels, a higher level and one that is “dropped” below the other, for more depth and more space.

ATV Basket Sets

You can have both at once. An ATV basket set sells matching front and rear baskets so you know you’re getting the same quality and style in one purchase.


One thing you’ll need to know before purchasing an ATV basket is whether it is tough enough for the job. It needs to be able to hold the weight you intend to carry and be durable enough to last you a long time.

Look into the basket’s weight resistance before you purchase it. You can also read reviews to discover how a basket you’re considering has fared with customers who have already tried it out.

Your basket should be made of strong materials and by a brand known for the quality of their products to make sure you have a durable basket. The basket needs to be able to withstand weight, frequent use, weather, and impacts.


While ATV baskets serve a very useful purpose, they should also complement the look of your machine. They come in a variety of styles, more mesh-like or bar-like in design for a smaller or larger profile on your machine. Combine what you need with the look you want to choose the perfect ATV basket for you.


Consider what you are likely to want to carry and how you’ll be using the machine while you’re carrying these items. Will these items be damaged if they aren’t tied down? If they will, determine how you can secure items to your basket. Some just have walls and a bed, and the items just sit in the basket while others come with tie down spots for you to secure your items.


Some baskets also have gates that allow you to drop a wall down for easy access to items inside. This may or may not be important to you. Know that these options are available if it will make your work or hobby easier.


Unless you know you will only be using this basket for one purpose such as to store guns, you want to go with versatility over specialization. You can attach guns to almost any basket, but you can’t carry anything else on a gun rack.

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