How to Choose Heavy-Duty Radius Rods on Your UTV

Several signs point to bad radius rods. One is a weird clunking noise when accelerating or braking. You also want to check for bad radius rods when you notice uneven wear on your tires.

Regardless of the sign you get for damaged radius rods, the next step is getting a new set. But this can be challenging.

You will come across different options when upgrading to a heavy-duty radius rod. This can make your selection a bit difficult.

Here are a few tips to let you make a great choice of UTV radius rod:

utv with heavy-duty radius rods
Photo credit: Derek Gardner

How to Choose the Best UTV Radius Rods


Radius rods are classified into arched and straight radius rods, differentiated by their clearance. Arched radius rods have higher clearance than their straight counterparts.

If you drive in extreme environments, you will find more value in arched rods. You are less likely to hit your radius rod against rocks with a high-arched radius rod.

On the other hand, you want to consider a straight radius bar for racing. Since racing exposes the rod to less rocky and bumpy terrains, you have fewer reasons to go for an arched radius bar. This option lets you save some money without compromising performance.

Another reason you want to consider straight radius rods is that you can straighten them when bending. While this doesn’t promise the longevity of the rods, it means you can complete a race day before replacing the rod.


You have heard this several times, but it is worth hammering. Quality plays an important role in choosing a part or accessory for your UTV. The quality of your accessory determines how long and well it serves you.

Choosing a high-quality radius rod made from reliable materials gives you peace of mind when taking your vehicle out for a ride on rocky terrain.

The most reliable material for UTV radius rods is billet aluminum. Radius rods made from billet aluminum are strong and can take a good beating before giving.

Why Upgrade To Heavy-Duty Radius Rods?

Most UTV owners believe their radius rods are still in good condition and don’t need a replacement. While this is true, a radius rod replacement is important if you still have your UTV with the factory-issued radius rod.

Stock UTV radius rods are prone to bending since they are weak. And when they start bending, they can break completely at any time. A broken UTV radius rod can damage the shocks and the whole suspension.

Hence, it makes sense to consider upgrading your radius rod to a heavy-duty rod before it gets you stranded in the middle of a trip. Although the upgrade can be pricier and time-demanding to install, it will save you thousands of dollars and time later on.

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