How to Choose the Best Fuel Additives for Your ATV

ATVs are expensive machines, and they require a lot of time and financial investment to be properly cared for. Whether to and how to use fuel additives is an important consideration for the care of your machine. This post will help you choose the best fuel additive for your ATV.

What Fuel Should I Use in My ATV?

Before you think about fuel additives, you need to make sure you have the fuel itself covered.

The most important and simplest thing is to do what your manufacturer recommends for your specific ATV. So, read your owners' manual. If you don't have one, there may be a sticker on your ATV telling you your fuel requirements. You can also find a digital copy of your machine's manual online.

The average ATV without high-powered upgrades will probably be fine with regular 87 grade with ethanol. Some will specify something higher like 89 or 91. The more power the machine has, the higher the fuel grade will need to go and the less you can get away with there being any ethanol or contaminants in it.

There is debate about whether you need the purest gas for your machine, the highest grade and with no ethanol. It usually isn't necessary, unless your ATV's manual or the manual that came with an aftermarket upgrade tells you it is. Definitely do whatever they say, but don't assume more is always better. The unnecessary cost and hassle isn't worth it, and there is some risk that you can ruin your pistons if you run gas with too much octane.

You can always choose a middle of the road option, for your machine to run great, to reduce clogging in the fuel system, and to be mindful of your budget. Just make sure you adhere to what your machine or an upgrade demands.

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Is It Necessary to Use Fuel Additives?

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There is debate about the benefits of fuel additives. Some people rely on them, and others claim they are just hype. So, what's the truth? The best answer is to consider the individual need. What are you trying to address with the fuel additive?

Carbureted engines are fussier about gas quality than fuel injected ones. So, you'll lean more toward purer gas and the use of gas treatments if you have a carbureted engine.

Are you having problems with your ATV? Cleaning the fuel system with a gas treatment is beneficial if your machine shows signs of clogging or when used occasionally to prevent clogging.

If you don't ride regularly, a fuel stabilizer may be needed to extend the life of your gas between rides. Unless you use all of your gas each ride.

If you are doing everything you can to achieve the most speed on your ATV, an octane booster is one of many ways you can increase your speed.

Don't just use fuel additives because you think you're supposed to. They are all very useful when needed, but you should use them deliberately. This is best for your ATV, your life, and your wallet.

Types of Fuel Additives for My ATV

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Fuel stabilizer

Gas that sits for more than a month or two can start to go bad, damaging your fuel system and losing its power. You can add fuel stabilizer to the gas in the gas tank to extend the life of the fuel every time you fill up if you don't ride regularly, and you should definitely add it to the gas can or fuel pack when you need to store gas.

Fuel injector cleaner

Fuel injector cleaner is an excellent way to address clogs in your fuel injectors and to prevent clogs from ever forming. You don't need them all the time though. A handful of times a year, you might add some fuel injector cleaner when you fill up the tank to give the system a flush. Of course, it can be a big help when you are having fuel problems.

Gas treatment

Gas treatments both clean the gas and fuel system and optimize performance. They can be used as a cleaner and as a cheaper alternative to octane booster. You can use them all the time if they give you enough benefit to be worth the cost and effort, but they aren't necessary.

Octane booster

You can use an octane booster to meet the octane requirements of your machine when you can't purchase fuel with the rating it needs or if you want to optimize your ATV's speed. Using them unnecessarily or boosting the octane too high can make the fuel burn too hot and damage the piston, so boost wisely.

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