How to Choose the Right CVT Belt for Your UTV

Some of the best UTVs on the market get all of the power through a CVT belt rather than a system of gears. If you’re looking to get a new CVT belt for your ride after a while of riding aggressively, you’ll want to take a few things into consideration. Before you go shopping for the best CVT belt for your UTV, it can help to understand exactly what a CVT belt is and how it works to your advantage.

Original manufacturers never include the highest quality product in their installation. It’s a way of saving money, but not sacrificing too much on the quality. Standard CVT belts are going to be much stronger than the OEM part you have in your UTV from the factory. From here, you can work your way up to heavier duty, and extreme CVT belts for the most aggressive riders with the heaviest machines. Choosing a UTV CVT belt doesn’t take much more than knowing how you’re going to use it.

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What is a CVT belt?

CVT belts completely eliminate the need for gears in your UTV’s transmission through a system of different tensioners, applying different forces through the belt. It’s genius, really. The belt acts as the sole provider of power, but it can be adjusted to your exact needs at any given time.

CVT belts adapt to provide the optimal level of power to the machine as you ride. It will adjust to the correct RPMs and give your UTV high efficiency performance that’s difficult to achieve with a system of moving gears and transmission.

The only problem with CVT belts is their lifespan. They’ll last a while, but eventually, just like any other belt in your engine, they’ll need to be replaced. This is your chance to make a serious upgrade for your UTV.

Different CVT belts

Standard CVT belts are going to be your lowest level belt that is still a great upgrade from the OEM part in your engine right now. Standard belts have a medium-grade construction with more prominent cogs that will allow for better grip, resulting in higher performance. These are great choices for farming, trolling, and other slower, but heavy duty uses.

Heavy-duty CVT belts come into play with a higher degree of flexibility and heat resistance, making them able to stand up to some more intense riding. Not only is the construction higher quality, it’s simply better. There are cogs on both the interior and exterior of the belt to provide the ultimate level of grip in the system. This is a good choice for those looking to take trail riding to the next level.

Finally, extreme-duty drive belts are for those who want to take their riding to the extreme without encountering any issues in performance. Installing this in your UTV takes away most of the common belt problems, so you’ll see a much longer lifespan with these.

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