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How To Choose the Right UTV Spare Tire Mount

There's no doubt that you’ll experience a flat tire at some point along the way as you ride over vigorous terrain that challenges even the best-quality tires out there. This inevitability means that you need to choose the right UTV spare tire mount to have a spare ready and with you at all times. While a spare tire mount for your UTV may sound like an easy decision, there are a few things you need to pay attention to when buying one.

The best way to choose a spare tire mount on a UTV is to think about your needs and connect them to the spare tire mount that meets all of them. You’ll need to look at the different carrier types, construction, price and where you want to mount the spare. This can give you a solid understanding of how to choose the right UTV spare tire mount for your specific machine and your specific needs.

 utv with spare tire mount

Different Carrier Types

There are plenty of different types of UTV spare tire mounts, which gives you the opportunity for personalization and matching the right mount to your wants and needs. Try to have your needs in mind before starting to shop around. Do you need extra space for hunting? Do you want a spare that’s quickly accessible for races? Do you have extra-heavy wheels that require a sturdier mount?

There are clamp-on mounts, bolt-on mounts, Y-strap mounts, hitch mounts, and so many more. This is why you need to know what you want. A clamp on mount will be much easier to access quickly than a bolted on spare tire, so that fits better for races, but can be less reliable than a bolt. Hitch mounts will leave a lot of space in the bed for anything you may be bringing home from a hunt or taking out to work on your land with.

The different carrier types will also determine where you can place your spare tire on the UTV. A bolt-on carrier won’t work for a hitch connection, and will require a lot more physical space. A mount that clamps on needs something to clamp onto, meaning a roll cage or installing a bar solely for the spare, which increases the difficulty of installation.

Overall, if you can determine your needs, you can get the right UTV spare tire mount that matches all of them and will perform best for you and your machine.

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