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How To Do A K Turn On An ATV

While climbing hills, it’s highly likely that at some point you’ll lose momentum and need to perform a more advanced maneuver, the K turn. Knowing how to do a K turn on an ATV is an incredibly important skill to have if you plan on riding any steep hills.

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A K turn on an ATV is to use for any time you get stuck going uphill. It’s the proper maneuver to get yourself out of a sticky situation without having the ATV roll over and potentially cause massive damage to yourself or the machine.

K turning will allow you to safely turn around and head back downhill to either try again or make it to a safer, less steep spot. This guide is brief and should be remembered at all times, but it’s highly encouraged that you practice how to make a K turn on a low slope before ever needing to use the skill.

How to Perform a K Turn

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Okay, you’ve gotten to a point that you can no longer go uphill and your ATV is staying put. The first step is to keep your weight forward and apply the brakes to avoid backwards rolling, and engage the parking brake.

Next, carefully dismount the ATV on the uphill side of your rig. Kill the engine and put it in neutral.

While holding the front brake, disengage the parking brake and turn the handlebars towards the side of the ATV that you are standing on. Slowly release the front brake and turn the ATV until it is faced parallel with the hill.

Set the parking brake and get the engine started back up before mounting again.

From the uphill side, mount the ATV while ensuring that you keep all of your weight on the uphill side. Remember, the goal is to use your weight to avoid rolling the ATV in the direction that gravity is trying to push it.

Next you can turn the handlebars downhill and release the parking brake. Slowly you can start riding downhill while adjusting your weight to always be on the uphill side of the ATV.

Remember that reading about this skill is important, but getting consistent practice in a more controlled environment is the key to knowing how to perform a K turn on an ATV when you really need it. This will keep you safe and with an ATV that is in good working order.

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