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How to Fix a Bad Starter Solenoid on an ATV

The starter solenoid on your ATV plays a significant role in starting your machine. The starter solenoid collects a small electrical signal when you turn the ignition key and converts it into a high-voltage signal required to start your ATV engine.

This means your ATV cannot start without a solenoid. Hence, your vehicle not starting might signify a bad solenoid, and you want to test the component and ascertain if a bad solenoid is preventing your machine from starting.

Common signs of a bad solenoid include clicking sounds and intermittent starting problems.

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How to Identify a Bad Starter Solenoid

Different signs point to a bad starter solenoid, but the basic one is the ATV not starting. When you turn the key, you hear the clicking sound of the starter, but the engine is not coming to life.

The starter solenoid can be faulty with minor issues, and the engine still starts. Now, how do you know if the starter solenoid is bad when the ATV engine starts?

A starter solenoid becomes bad gradually before it finally stops functioning. You know your starter solenoid has minor problems when you hear a continuous clicking sound after the engine has started.

Another way to know if your ATV starter solenoid is losing its value is intermittent starting. If you face difficulties starting the machine when you turn the ignition key multiple times before the engine starts, you may need to test your ATV starter solenoid.

The good part of a bad ATV starter solenoid is that while some faults are not repairable and only demand a replacement, you can fix other faults yourself. However, the best way to know if you need to repair or replace a bad ATV starter solenoid is by establishing the type of fault.

How to Fix a Bad Starter Solenoid on an ATV

Again, there are different means to fix a bad solenoid on an ATV starter. The right fix for your solenoid depends on the type of fault. Here are common issues with solenoids and how to fix them:

Blown Fuse: the fuses are a good place to start looking for faults on a solenoid. When a fuse is blown in the circuitry of the solenoid, the starter doesn’t function correctly, but people often overlook this. If any fuses are faulty, you have less work to do as they are easier to repair than any other jobs on the solenoid.

Corroded Wiring: this is more common in old ATVs. The wiring in the circuitry of the solenoid is old and can result in bad connections. Hence, check for a corroded wire in the circuitry if you have an old ATV. If you find any, replace it.

Alternator: when your ATV engine fails to start, you cannot outrightly blame it on a bad starter solenoid. There are other reasons why an ATV engine might not start. A faulty alternator is one. The alternator powers the electrical systems of your ATV and charges the battery when the engine is working. When this component is bad, the ATV might fail to start. Replacing the alternator will solve this issue.

Starter: fixing a bad ATV starter solenoid can mean replacing the whole set of starter and solenoid. This is the case when the solenoid shares a housing with the starter. Hence, if this is the type of system on your vehicle, you want to replace the whole set.

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