How to Fix a Broken Cooling Fan on an ATV

When electrical systems don’t function as planned, you get problems like a broken cooling fan. In order to fix a broken cooling fan on your ATV, you need to understand the reasons why it works, how it does its important job, and what to look for when fixing it. A cooling fan is an incredibly important piece of machinery in your ATV’s system, and when it breaks, you can be looking at an overheating engine in no time.

If you are going to fix a cooling fan in an ATV, there are a few different things you need to understand. Take some time to learn about the cooling fan relay, where the cooling fan is mounted on your ATV, and what kind of parts you may need for the replacement. Like all other mechanical fixes, this starts with a diagnosis to be ready.

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Electrical vs Mechanical

There are two different types of cooling fans, electrical and mechanical. Electrical cooling fans are operated via the battery while mechanical fans work with the power of the motor. Electric fans are only turned on when the engine reaches a certain temperature, primarily when you aren’t moving very much. A mechanical cooling fan will operate more continuously, powered by its own DC motor.

Find and Fix the Problem

The first thing you want to do is find the problem so you can fix your cooling fan on your ATV. Turn the motor on and locate the cooling fan. If it’s spinning, your engine is overheating for a different reason and you’ll need to start over. If it’s frozen, it’s time to start diagnosing the problem.

First, check the fuse to see if it’s been blown. This can be determined easily with a multimeter connected to both of the metal ports on the fuse for the cooling system.

If the fuse is working well, you will need to examine the temperature switch. You can bypass the switch by grounding one side of it and connecting the other to the battery. If this allows the fan to start spinning, you simply need to replace the sensor to get your cooling fan working again.

If your cooling fan is mechanical, you’ll start by examining the motor itself. This means you need to disconnect the motor from the engine and use jumper cables to connect the motor to the ATV battery.

Finally, you will need to check the cooling fan relay if nothing else has been found as the main problem. Over time, the relays can simply stop working and you may need to replace it. Find the relay inside of the fusebox and replace it. The piece isn’t very expensive, and you will benefit in the long run anyways so it won’t hurt anything.

Hopefully, one of these issues will be the cause and you can fix your broken cooling fan on your ATV. If any of these problems don’t seem to be the root of the issue, you may need to visit a mechanic for another opinion.

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