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How to Fix a Cracked or Broken ATV Engine Case

Whatever you did to crack your ATV engine case, you’re looking at a costly fix if you go to a mechanic or the dealer. These parts can be wildly expensive, so most riders are looking for a cheaper fix that won’t put them out on the streets for a few nights to pay the bills. ATV engine case crack repair is a tricky job, but it can be done.

Unless you’re a more experienced mechanic, it’s not the best idea to attempt this fix by yourself. Find a friend that has some welding experience or has maybe even done this on their own before. Aluminum engine case repair on an ATV requires delicate work and attention to detail so you get every crack perfectly filled in and prevent any future issues.

cracked atv engine case
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Clean it all

To fix a cracked or broken ATV engine case, you need to have a clean engine case. All of the oil and grease won’t let anything stick to the case, so you need a thorough cleaning before having any success. Try and clean all around the cracks and you may as well clean the rest of the engine while you’re in there, it’s for your own good. Plus, a clean engine case may expose more cracks that you missed at first glance.

V out cracks

With a dremel, you want to dig a little deeper into the cracks and create a small V-shaped valley. This creates more surface area for the repair materials to stick to and then you’ll have more success getting it to last long-term.

Roughen surface

With a rough sheet of sandpaper, or your dremel, you can roughen the surface in and around the cracks. If you want JB Weld or Belonza to stick well to your ATV engine case, you need texture for them to grab onto. Give the areas a thorough rough sanding and feel with your fingers to make sure it got as rough as possible.

Belonza or JB Weld

JB Weld is a liquid material used for welding aluminum back together. Belonza is an epoxy solution that can be used for cracks in an engine case.

For either of these materials, you need to pre-mix and then apply. It’s best to tape off the area that you’re working on and make sure that you’re covering the entirety of the cracks, but being careful not to get this material anywhere else.

You want to apply both of these binders to the inside of the engine case, as well as the outside. This will work to seal up the cracks on both end and not allow for the cracks to open up further and make the problem even worse than it started out as.

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