How To Fix a Squeaky ATV Suspension

It is not at all surprising to have a squeaky suspension on your ATV, particularly if you own a Polaris. They are famous for squeaks. Many people are convinced it’s just part of the ride. But you don’t have to let squeaks interfere with your hunting, scouting, or enjoyment of your machine. Read this post to learn how to fix squeaky ATV suspension systems.

atv wheelie riding in muskeg

What Causes Squeaky ATV Suspension?

Have you ever noticed that they often squeak worse after you’ve been riding in mud or water? Suspensions, and other parts of your quad, usually squeak because they have lost their lubrication or they’ve got grit inside moving parts. Mud and water wash all in the crevices and joints wherever they go, removing grease and leaving behind crud.

How to Fix a Squeaky Suspension

First, determine where the sound is coming from. This will direct you to the right part of your suspension to grease or to other potential sources of the squeak, like your brakes.

Your machine may be squeaking:

  • In the front or rear

  • Bushings

  • Swing arm

  • Shock absorbers

  • Springs

  • Brakes

  • Steering

  • Wheel bearings


Your suspension may just be dirty. Examine the squeaky part for grit and debris, and make sure to check in hard-to-get-to areas. Clean it, and see if the squeak goes away.


While you’re checking, you may determine that bushings or other parts of your suspension are worn or damaged and need to be replaced. This may be the cause of the squeak, and it certainly needs to be fixed. So why not?


Most of the time, your suspension needs a good greasing.

WD-40 is a great short-term fix. If you just want to remove the squeak the morning of your ride, spray it on. The squeak should be gone. The only problem is that WD-40 isn’t meant to last a long time and it will quickly wash off, so the squeak will return.

If you have a little more time to plan, you can purchase more long-term lubricants like Rem-oil, marine grease, or Waterproof Green Grease.

Apply the grease to a clean machine, and make sure to remove old grease before applying new. Grease accumulates dirt and debris, and if you apply new grease on top of that, you’re just adhering that junk to your machine where it will cause serious damage.

You can focus on just the area that is squeaking or grease the entire suspension, depending on what you think it needs. The CV joints are sealed and won’t need grease.

If you grease it once while it’s jacked, lower it to the ground, and grease it again, you can get the most thorough lubrication.

Be prepared to reapply as needed in the future. If you’re not happy about having to do all this greasing, know that you’re not just getting rid of a squeak, you’re extending the life of your suspension by keeping its moving parts lubricated.


If you don’t already have them, invest in some shock covers. They’ll keep the mud and water out so this part of your suspension will stay squeak free longer.

Go Aftermarket

If your suspension is squeaking because the parts are of lesser quality, you might want to invest in aftermarket suspension components with higher-quality parts. This will save you from greasing more often than is necessary.

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