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How to Fix an ATV Radiator Leak on the Trail

Due to the condition of use, your ATV is susceptible to different faults. A leaking radiator is one of them.

While a leaking radiator can be a serious problem, it is a more challenging situation when the issue occurs while on the trail.

Since the radiator supplies coolant to cool the engine, a radiator leak can be detrimental to the engine.

But what happens if your radiator leaks when you are far deep in the country forests enjoying some exciting moments with your machine?

A radiator leak shouldn’t stop your ride and get you stuck in an unfamiliar environment. There are a few repair tricks to fix your radiator leak on the trail. These tips will help you out when you find yourself with a leaking radiator on the trail:

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Apply Bar’s Leak

A bar’s leak is a thick liquid handy for sealing radiator leaks. This goopy liquid is a lifesaver when your ATV radiator leaks, and you cannot locate a mechanic workshop around. The product is specifically made as an emergency fix for radiator leaks.

When applied to the radiator, the liquid seeps into the leaks and forms, stopping the leaks in the cooling system. With this, you can continue your ride and go for a full repair later.

Another similar product is a silver seal, which also achieves the same aim but comes in powdery form.

Investing in any of these products is a good idea when going on an off-road trip.

Clamp with a Pair of Needle Nose Pliers

If your ATV is equipped with a flat fin-style radiator tube, you can close off a leaking part of the tube with needle-nose pliers. This will put a temporary stop to the leaks, and you can forget about radiator leaks for a while to focus on your ride.

Do this by clipping the leaking part of the tube and folding it over multiple times until the fluid has stopped leaking out.

Apply a Low-Pressure Radiator Cap

Since your ATV engine produces much heat, the cooling systems run under high pressure to supply the coolant through the hoses to the necessary sections. Reducing this pressure will help limit how much coolant escapes the radiator.

One means to achieve this is by applying a low-pressure radiator cap.

However, it is worth noting that prolonged use of a low-pressure radiator cap is not healthy for your engine, as it exposes the engine to excess heat. Hence, only see this fix as a short-term remedy to ATV radiator leaks and locate a repair shop as soon as possible.

Apply Chewed Bubble Gum

Fixing radiator leaks on the trail can be as easy as chewing some bubble gum and applying it to the leaking areas. This will buy you some time to find a repair shop without getting stuck on the way.

However, the gum must be freshly chewed to stick to the radiator and block the opening.

Also, note that too much pressure in the cooling system can undo the gum. Hence you need to proceed slowly with your ride until you can locate a repair shop. You also want to remove the radiator cap for reduced pressure.

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