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How To Fix ATV Blown Fuses

One of the most frustrating parts about riding your ATV is fixing it because it won’t work right. One of the common culprits for issues with an ATV is a series of blown fuses. This isn’t too much of a worry if you know how to fix ATV blown fuses, but they can get frustrating when you experience them over and over again.

Even finding your ATV’s fuse box can be a tricky task when you’re looking at a machine that you may not be incredibly familiar with. No matter what, there are a lot of easy ways to go about changing fuses on your ATV so you can be back to riding in no time at all. Stick with us here as we go over the basics of fuses and how to change a fuse in a fuse box, specifically for your ATV.

atv fuses

What’s the job of a fuse

In short, a fuse exists to make sure that no parts of your machine get overloaded and ruined with a large jolt of power. A fuse is essentially a thin wire inside of a shell that melts when too much current is passing through it. This way, the entire circuit can be cut off and the surge of overcurrent won’t make its way to whatever part of the rig it was headed for, therefore saving you a lot of trouble.

Where to find them

Fuses live inside a fuse box no matter what. This fuse box could be in your basement, the outside wall of the house, and on your ATV. Typically, these are smaller boxes that are tucked away somewhere safe so you don’t accidentally open them and pop any fuses out while riding rough terrain. Check your owner’s manual to be sure of where you’re going to find the fuse box on your specific machine.

Test the fuses

Inside of the fusebox you will find a lot of colored cartridges with numbers on them, these are the fuses. On the left and right of the numbers on the back you’ll see two small metal plates designed for testing the fuses.

With a multimeter, connect these two metal plates. If the meter makes a lot of noises, that means the fuses are in good condition and do not need replaced. If you get no response, that means you’ll need to replace that fuse. Go through and test every single fuse in the box and then you can work on replacing them.

blown fuse new fuse atv.jpg

How to change a fuse

The good news is, changing a fuse on an ATV is an incredibly easy task. All you need to do is remove the fuse, and plug a new one back in. Make sure you have the correct number so you can make an easy reference in the future.

If you’re having troubles with consistent blown fuses, you may need to backtrace the system and find out what the real problem is.

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