How To Fix Shocks Leaking Oil on an ATV

When your ATV shocks are leaking oil, you’re looking at further potential issues that can end up being costly and damaging to both your machine and your hobby. If your shocks have gone bad, then you're probably not having as much fun while riding over rough terrain and you feel more like you’re stuck on a bad amusement park ride. You can learn how to fix a leaking shock absorber to get a longer life out of your ride and keep enjoying the smooth flow of the ATV over the trail.

If the shocks on your ATV are leaking oil, it means that the seals on the shock absorbers are needing to be replaced or you need a completely new setup for your suspension. These seals keep the oil inside of the shock absorbers from escaping outside and ending up on the trail rather than helping your rig move smoothly. Worse, the oil that’s leaking can end up on different parts of your ATV, making the whole thing not function properly. Fix the oil leaking from your shocks at home so you can make sure your rig rides as it should.

leaking shocks in atv

Replacing seals on shock absorbers

If your ATV is older and you’ve given it a tough time over the years, you may need to replace the seals on the shock absorbers. This is where the oil is probably leaking from. You can check this simply by getting your eyes on it and paying close attention when putting some weight on the ATV.

In order to replace the seals on the shock absorbers, you’ll need to completely take apart the shocks, which can be a much more advanced task for anyone just starting to work on their ATV.

Unfortunately, if you’re experiencing a serious oil leak from your shocks, you may need to just replace the shocks, which can get pricey.

Getting new shocks

Well, you’ve come to the point at which you may need to just replace the shocks on your ATV in order to keep riding smoothly over the bumps that most trails will throw at you.

Anyone that’s ridden on an ATV can attest to the importance of a good set of shocks. It not only allows you to feel more comfortable as you ride, but the suspension system supports every other part of your ride. A failing shock system can put more wear and tear on everything, leading to more serious future fixes and a much larger bill at the end of it.

Do yourself a favor and look into a good set of shocks that have been tested well. It’s possible that the shocks on your ATV were installed by the manufacturer because they were a cheaper option and they could save some money. Unfortunately, leaking oil often means needing new shocks.

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