How to Grease your ATV

Does your ATV squeak loudly or become hard to steer? These may be signs that your wheel bearing needs some greasing. ATV's wheel bearings come greased by the manufacturers. But due to elements like water, mud, and sand, the grease can seep out of the bearings and get dry or contaminated.

Failure to lubricate the wheel bearings when the grease dries out may lead to early worn out of the wheel bearings and, finally, bearing failure.

Greasing your ATV is a simple procedure. All you need is a grease gun and high-quality grease.

grease gun for atv

Get a Grease gun

Using a grease gun, you can easily apply grease to your wheel bearings without removing the wheels completely from the ATV. Getting a grease gun with rubber tubing is advisable to allow easy access to the grease fittings.

Choose High-Quality Grease

You can use any grease brand, though it is best to follow the manufacturer's recommendation. Using high-quality grease perfect for your wheel bearings helps ensure perfect lubrication to the bearings.

High-quality grease creates just the perfect amount of thin film over the parts preventing them from touching, thereby reducing friction.

Some commonly used high-quality greases include Chassis/Wheel Bearing Grease, Bel-Ray Marine Extreme Pressure Waterproof Grease, Mobil 1 Synthetic Red, and Valvoline High-Temperature Red Grease.

Locate the Grease Fittings:

Modern ATVs come with a part called Zerk Fittings, also called grease or nipple fittings. This is where you attach the grease gun to squeeze grease into the wheel bearings.

It is a medium to lubricate your wheel bearing and protect the internal components from external agents by acting as a barrier from debris or water. Pressure from the grease gun forces them open to allow grease passage.

The grease fittings are mostly located at the upper and lower A-arms. Always clean the grease fittings' surface for the grease gun to attach firmly to it.

Pump the Grease into the fitting:

Make sure the gun is closely fitted on the wheel bearing and begin squeezing the grease in. The grease will spill out when the fitting gets full.

If the oil spills out of the gun after the first or second squeeze, the grease gun probably didn't fit in well enough and needs some adjustment.

Bonus Tip:

Although greasing your ATV depends on how much you use it and the trails you ride on, always grease it every 6 months or a year. Over-greasing the wheel bearings also do more harm than good to the wheels; 5-6 pumps are sufficient for each grease fittings.

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