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How To Improve Aesthetics on Your Old ATV

With your multipurpose All-Terrain Vehicle, you can enjoy it throughout the year and take them out almost anywhere! Customizing yours is also easy, and the best way to do this is to improve the aesthetics of your ATV to make it personal and exciting to you.

Improving the look of your ATV is the ultimate way to show your personality and preferences. A paint job may be a good way to begin, but there are far more ways to improve the aesthetics for your ride. Here are the 5 best ways:

old atv in water

1. Add Graphics and Decals

Both individual stickers and decals are available online to improve the look of your side by side. With full kits for those who want to completely customize the exterior, there are plenty to choose from depending on which model you own.

With advancements in plastics and material technology, bespoke ATV decals can hold up against debris and rocks too. They can also protect the original paint and bodywork when you want to sell the ATV later down the line.

2. Swap Out Your Tires

The original rugged tires may look the part on your ATV, but for those more extreme environments, these tires may not hold up. Your original tires may not look the part for the style you want to go for. Especially those tackling sand, ice, or deep mud, as specialist tires are needed here.

3. Upgrade Your Exhaust

An uprated exhaust does not only improve the aesthetics, but you also get a noise and power upgrade on your ATV too. Especially useful if your terrain is harder to get over, that extra power may push you through those tough parts. Make sure you research a good manufacturer as the exhaust market can be hit and miss in terms of quality. With aftermarket manufacturers producing bespoke ATV exhaust systems, you will find an exhaust upgrade that fits for you.

4. Handlebars and Handle grips

ATVs that you can ride have handlebars that blend in with its design. For those who want to stand out and have a better riding experience then upgrading them is the best option.

Choosing bigger diameter handlebars give riders with bigger hands much better grip. Plus, you can get a variety of colors and styles that improve your ATVs aesthetics at the same time.

5. Clean Wheels, Sidewalls and Cover Up Rust

An acid-based aluminum cleaner with a brush helps with removing trapped dirt on those otherwise shiny wheels. Just be careful when cleaning your wheels as any painted surfaces will be stripped if it comes into contact with the cleaner.

A steel wool is a great way to clean up your tire sidewalls and finish that detailing you finally got around to doing for your ATV. Rinse off with water and it will go a long way in improving your ATVs aesthetics.

Covering up rust is another aesthetic improvement that enhances the style you’re going for. With rusty bolts, use a wire brush to remove excess rust and cover the surrounding area with cardboard. From here you can use spray paint in any color to refresh the look of your ATVs exterior.

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