How to Install Limit Straps on Your UTV

A set of limit straps is useful in customizing your suspension system. Limit straps help prevent damaging your UTV’s suspension and drivetrain components. Without limit straps, you expose your shocks to your vehicle’s upspring weight when you jump or ride over rough terrains.

If you have been thinking of installing limit straps on your UTV but don’t know how to do that, here is a guide for you:

limit strap on utv

How to Install Limit Straps on A UTV

Jack Up the UTV

Jack up your UTV to lift the tires off the ground. Enhance safety by using a jack stand.

Remove Shock

Next is to remove the shocks. However, this should be done in the right order. Start from the lower hardware, then to the upper hardware.

Install Clamp

Once you have removed the shock, it is time to work on it before returning it to the machine. Start by installing the billet limit strap clamp on the shock frame, ensuring that the clamp mounting hole faces the rear of the shock.

Install Limit Strap

Install the limit strap with the shoulder bolt. The limit strap has two holes, and you might be confused about which one to use. At this stage, use the end with the larger diameter hole to mount the strap to the clevis bolt.

Adjust the Limit Strap Length

Adjusting the limit strap length is where most people get it wrong, especially with the hole-to-hole spacing. Space the holes one inch and a half apart.

Install Shock

Once you are done working on the shock, it is time to return it to the UTV. Do this by installing the upper bolt before the bottom shock using the provided longer bolt and stainless-steel spacer. Mount the bolt to the hardware and the nut onto the bolt.

Complete this step by plugging the shock wiring loom after installing the shocks. Repeat the whole process for each corner. However, it is not yet time to mount the limit straps to your UTV.

Settle the Suspension

Continue by lowering the UTV to the ground and removing the jack stand. Drive the UTV front and back to settle the suspension.

Install Limit Straps

It is now time to install the strap to your UTV. Install the limit strap onto the lower bolts on the lower hardware. Before tightening the hardware, jack up the UTV’s front end again. Jacking up the UTV helps ensure the lower hardware is straight with the limit strap assembly. For the last time, drop the UTV to the ground, remove the jack stand, and drive the UTV front and back to settle the suspension again.

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