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How to Install Tracks on Your UTV

UTVs are one of the most versatile vehicles, making them a suitable choice for off-road activities, such as hauling and hunting. The interesting part of UTVs is that you can modify your machine for better performance and to suit your needs.

When it comes to modifying a UTV, a set of tracks is a big game changer. UTV tracks are made of thick rubbers with bigger threads. They are installed on the assembly frames to replace your typical tires. Installing tracks equips your UTV with more traction to run on any terrain.

Although they are great for all seasons, you will appreciate your UTV tracks more in the wet winter, such as riding on the snow.

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Tips to Install Tracks on UTVs

Here are what to pay attention to when installing tracks for your UTV:

Invest In the Right Tracks

UTV tracks are not cheap, and you need to choose the best set for your vehicle. You will come across different tracks with different dimensions. It is left to you to choose the one that matches your UTV. Factors to consider include length, width, and frame dimensions. Ensure that these are compatible with your UTV.

Choose the Right Weight

Racks are installed on the frame, and weight plays a significant role in their performance. You will likely come across a few tracks weighing around 80 pounds, which seem to be the best on the list. Choosing heavier tracks can reduce your machine’s performance and cause damage.

Consult Your Owner’s Manual

The best way to choose the right tracks for your UTV is to go by what is in your owner’s manual. Your owner’s manual contains the necessary information to choose the right tracks for your vehicle.

The manual will also provide a guide to installing tracks on your side-by-side. Other information you will find in the manual includes tips to remove your tires, which is necessary for UTV track installation. Always check your owner’s manual before making any modifications to your vehicle.

Follow the Kit Installation Guide

While your owner’s guide has helpful information to install tracks on your UTV, the installation guide is a more detailed guide for a hassle-free installation. The guide comes with the track kit and includes step-by-step instructions to install a new frame assembly and tracks on your vehicle. If you opt for a used set of tracks, ask the seller to provide the installation guide.

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