How To Jack Up A UTV

Any time you need to do some maintenance on your UTV, you’ll probably need to jack it up. Jacking up the UTV allows for you to get at the mechanical parts that are difficult to reach unless you’re a small child.

There are some risks involved with raising your UTV up over your head while you do work underneath, so it’s highly important for you to get the job done well and know how to jack up a UTV properly. If you jump into this one without knowing what you’re doing, the risks can be high.

In this article, we’ll show you a couple of ways how to lift a UTV without creating a huge risk for you.

jack up utv

Start with Safety

No matter where you are, you need to make sure you’re doing this with safety in mind. Make sure that everything is evenly balanced on flat and level ground. If you have the jack stabilized on gravel, it may shift, so you want to clear out the area where you place the jack.

Another thing that many people forget is to put on the parking brake. This will stop the UTV from rolling as you jack one side of it up.

Also, never fully rely on the jack itself. If a jack fails, it may drop the entire rig onto you. A jack stand or two will be huge in helping you stay safe as you work. Always carry a portable jack and a jack stand with you on a ride.

Explore Different Types of Jacks

Now you just need to know what kind of jack to get. There are so many options, but everyone always has a preference for which style they like best. Fortunately, a jack stand is simple and you don’t need to make that many decisions when it comes to that purchase.

Hydraulic floor jacks

Hydraulic floor jacks are great for working in the garage. These jacks reach underneath the rig and use a lever to increase pressure and lift the rig. You’ll have a lot of trouble with these slipping if you have them on uneven or rocky surfaces which can be dangerous even while using a stand.

Scissor jacks

Scissor jacks are your classic car jack that is stored in most models of cars for a flat tire. These are also your best budget option, but they don’t always have a huge reach. They need to be pretty large to get the UTV jacked up high, but work well.

UTV jack

UTV jacks are made specifically for UTVs, which means they have a higher price point as well. They work great, but also take up a lot of room.


Ramps are another easy option that you can just drive up onto. On the trail, you can use rocks or loose dirt to build some impromptu ramps for doing work out there. This style doesn’t allow you to change a tire though.

Jacking Up a UTV

Jacking up a UTV is just like jacking up a car.

First, find a spot to place the jack underneath part of the frame near the wheel you may be working on. Slowly engage the jack until it makes contact. If you see any serious shifting, release the tension and reset everything.

Raise the rig high enough to get comfortable underneath it and then place a stand underneath. Lower the rig onto the stand but leave the jack where it is. This makes it so the jack is your backup and the stand is the primary holding mechanism.

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