How to Keep ATV Grips from Slipping

Aggressive turns and tricky terrain require an ATV that can be relied upon. The moment that your grips start slipping, you can’t rely on things staying put or having full control over the ATV. That’s why you need to know how to keep ATV handlebar grips from slipping so you can have full control over the steering of your rig at all times.

High-quality grips and grip glue are two of the best ways to stop ATV grips from slipping. There are, however, some great at-home techniques that don’t require making some more expensive purchases and can be done with stuff you’ll likely have laying around at home. Duct tape, hairspray, and some wiring can be used in specific ways to stop your ATV grips from slipping around and restore full control of the machine to you.

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High-Quality Grips

High-quality ATV grips are designed to grab ahold of your handlebars and not let go easily. They can be tightened to maintain a solid hold on the metal handlebars, as well as utilizing a sticky rubber material that does a lot for grip strength.

Personal preference is huge in picking the right ATV grips, but you also need to keep other factors in mind like the price and quality of the grip. Sometimes cheaper grips feel comfortable in hand, but won’t stay on very long, so a balance is necessary. Many high-quality grips come with a bonding strip that helps to latch onto the handlebar without letting go.

Grip Glue

If you love a lower-quality grip that forms to your hand perfectly, it might be worth getting some grip glue to use to stop your ATV grips from slipping. This glue is typically a spray that you only need to apply to the inside once and then you’ll have a solid grip set for the rest of your days riding with those grips.

Not all grips come with quality material on the interior and grip glue is a great way around that. It can even be added to higher-quality grips that you want to be sure won’t move around and lose grip.

DIY Methods

There are a few great methods that you can try at home if you don’t want to spend any more money on your ATV grips that keep slipping.

First, you can try duct tape. You probably have it lying around somewhere, so grab some and wrap it around your handlebars before installing the grips. This gives the grips a different texture to grab onto than slick metal.

Hairspray also works wonders to provide a sticky material in between the grips and the handlebars. It won’t last forever but will work well for a decent amount of time.

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