How to Know When You Need High or Low Gear Range on Your ATV

Having and riding an ATV can be as much fun as it can be tricky. While you must know what accessory to get for your vehicle, you must also know when to use high or low gear range on your ATV.

Your all-terrain vehicle can get into serious trouble if you don't know how to balance when to use high and low gears on your ATV.

The question is, "When should I use high-range or low-range gear?"

Let's jump right into that.

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When to Use a High-Gear and Low-Gear ATV

High-Range Gear: This gear is basically built for speed and smooth trails. If you are driving at high speed, a high gear will get the job done for you. Plus, high-range gear is very easy to use.

You would damage your engine if you drive slowly but choose a high gear.

Low-range gear: The low-range gear has more work than the high-range gear and takes a lot of pressure. This is your best shot if you're driving in a difficult area.

Also, the low-range gear gets you covered if you have a heavy load to drag through.

High or Low Gears On ATV

How to use the high and low gears varies depending on the kind of terrain you are in.

Besides this, using high and low-range gears on ATVs also depends on your ATV type. This is where your owner's manual comes in.

Your manual puts you through where to use low-range or high-range gear.

The major activities of using an ATV include towing a heavy load and driving up a snowy hill. The right gear for each activity differs.

Here is how to choose the right gear:

High or Low ATV Gear When Towing

When towing, the best option is to use low ATV gear. This would help create a balance between your vehicle and whatever you are towing. Remember, high gears are for speed. Towing requires a slow and steady movement which is perfect for low gear.

High gear is not ideal for towing since you don't want to speed while having a huge load behind you.

High or Low ATV Gear When Driving Up A Hill

When driving up a snowy hill, put your safety first. Be sure you and your ATV are safe.

With your safety in check, go on low gear range. Touring the snowy terrain requires power and a low gear assures you of that.

Plus, its torque nature can withstand this pressure even if you're going up or down the hill.

In conclusion, the rule of thumb for choosing between low and high-range gear is to choose low gear for power and switch to high gear when speed is necessary.

Also, to keep your ATV transmission safe, you want to choose the right gear for the right driving condition. Choosing a low gear when driving at high speed is detrimental to your engine, the same as choosing a low gear when speeding down a smooth terrain.

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