How To Load A UTV On A Trailer

Knowing how to load a UTV on a trailer significantly increases your ability to ride more trails that are further out. You can load the UTV on the truck and get out for a long weekend with your family miles, or even states away. This will let you see more of the world and get more out of your UTV than you ever have before.

Getting a UTV on a trailer is a straightforward and simple process, but if it’s done wrong you can seriously damage your ride or even yourself. That’s why we’re here to help you figure out how to load a side by side on a trailer without anything going wrong.

There are a few methods that everyone uses, but it depends on what you have available to help you load the UTV onto the trailer. Whatever you have, we can get it done.

loading utv on trailer

Get a Loading Ramp

If your trailer doesn’t have a loading ramp already built in, you should get one. A loading ramp will make loading the trailer worlds easier so you can do it entirely by yourself in any situation. Just pay attention to how much of a load the ramp can hold so you don’t end up snapping it halfway through the loading process.

Connect the Trailer and Get It Level

Before getting the UTV up on the trailer, you want to attach the trailer to your vehicle. Connect the trailer tongue to your vehicle’s tow hitch and then be sure to connect the chains in an X formation. This shortens the chains and makes them as safe as possible.

Now that your trailer is hooked up to your vehicle you can work to load the UTV. Get the trailer set on level ground, or as level as you can find. This will help to avoid any incidents from tilting one way or another.

Drive the UTV Up

This is possibly the easiest step of all. You’ve maybe been riding all day and this is your last little ride before going home. Simply ride the UTV up onto the trailer.

Remember to drive forward as far as possible. You will remove the most amount of trailer sway the closer to your vehicle the load is.

Strap the UTV Down

Another important part of loading a UTV on a trailer is getting it secured properly to the trailer so it doesn’t roll off on the highway. Many people may still use chains and rope, but you can get safer options that will also shorten the time you spend strapping the rig down.

Simply start by throwing the UTV’s parking brake into action. This will stop any rolling of the wheels and hold it pretty steadily on the trailer.

Ratchet straps tend to be the easiest and safer option for strapping down your UTV on a trailer. The best is to use four different straps, two in the front and two in the rear. Many straps have hooks attached to the end that will work well on the frame.

Then, simply attach your ratchets to the trailer frame at a 45-degree angle from the UTV, and crank down on them.

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