How To Locate Your UTV’s VIN Number

A VIN number is an important one to know, especially whenever you’re looking to sell, register, or insure your UTV. It can be a tricky one to locate, however, and you’ll likely never have the time to memorize the entire thing to rattle it off when needed.

Here, we’ll go over how to locate your UTV’s VIN number in case you ever need it. We’ll also talk about what to do if you can’t find the VIN on your UTV, how to use a UTV VIN finder, and what the VIN number even is.

Hopefully, by the end of this, you’ll be set to go out, locate your VIN number, and quickly get all the paperwork filled out to get done anything that you’re out to do.

looking for utv’s vin number on the trails

What’s a VIN Number?

A vehicle identification number, or a VIN, is a series of letters and numbers that provides a unique combination to tag each and every vehicle that has been produced. These numbers work to help distinguish one vehicle of the exact same make and model from another so the vehicles can be properly registered and reported when stolen.

The VIN number provides all kinds of information if you look further into decoding it. It tells you the country it was made in, the manufacturer, the type, model, series, year, where it was assembled, and the vehicle’s production number. All of these different factors correspond with a number or letter, telling a long story of where the vehicle came from.

What Do I Need a VIN Number for?

VIN numbers are necessary for a variety of different things. For example, you need to provide your VIN number any time you are dealing with anything regarding your UTV. Most paperwork will have the VIN on it, even a simple service history often will include the VIN. This allows you to match the work done to the exact vehicle, rather than relying on someone’s honesty.

Insurance companies and state DMVs will require the VIN number any time you are trying to sell, register, or insure the vehicle. This will link you directly with the VIN so anything that happens is tracked accordingly.

A VIN number is also a great tool for getting a history on a UTV. There are different websites out there that allow you to enter the VIN and get a full history, if it’s been in any crashes, or even if it’s stolen.

How Do I Locate a UTV’s VIN Number?

Now, the tricky part.

Each UTV manufacturer decides to put the VIN in a different spot than others, making it hard to locate them across the board. What is true about most brands is that you can typically locate the VIN stamped into a piece of metal underneath or on the side of the UTV on the driver or passenger’s side.

Some brands, such as Wildcat, will put the VIN on a support tube in the driver’s wheel well. Others like Can-Am, will place the VIN on a decal under the glovebox or in the passenger’s wheel well.

One of the best methods is to search specifically for the brand of UTV you have in order to help you locate the VIN. This information will also be in any owner’s manual so you can check that for a quick reference. Otherwise, you’re left to locate the VIN through a long treasure hunt scan of your ride.

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