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How to Make Your ATV Ride Smoother

If you’re riding down the trail and coming home with intense body pains, you may have a super rigid suspension that isn’t giving your body the love it needs. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to make your ATV ride smoother in order to get the cushioned support that you need to ride for days on end. If you know how to soften ATV shocks, that’s your ticket to make your ride smoother, but sometimes it takes a bit more work than that.

A complete suspension rebuild is a great way to get the smoothest ride possible and customize the way you want your ATV to perform. Yes, sometimes a rigid suspension will do more for you, but a smooth ride is more comfortable and no one can argue that. The springs and shocks absorb so much of the energy that would normally be going into every other part of the rig.

Making your ATV ride smoother isn’t only about getting you to be more comfortable, it can drastically increase the lifespan of your ride. The energy gets absorbed into the suspension system, rather than pushed out into everything else. A smooth ride is a long ride.

man atv riding in muskeg

Install new suspension

The absolute best way to get a smooth ride on your ATV is to upgrade the suspension system for a totally new overhaul. This is definitely the more expensive option to get the right riding for you, but it’s an investment that’s well worth it.

When you’re riding off-road, it’s guaranteed that you’ll encounter some stumps, holes, rocks, and branches along your way. It’s the suspension's job to make sure that when you run these obstacles over, you won’t damage the ATV, as well as make the ride smooth. A good suspension system will go a long way toward making your riding safer and more comfortable.

The tricky part is, most ATVs don’t come with the highest quality suspension systems on the market. The factory most often installs an affordable system that will do the trick. When you want comfort and stability, you want more than just the factory standard.

Getting a new suspension installed is a sure-fire way to make your ATV ride smoother immediately. Making the investment may hurt, but you’ll thank yourself over and over again as you roll through rocky and bumpy terrain.

Adjust your shocks

You have control over the level of preload, compression, and rebound of your shocks. Adjusting these settings can make your ride much smoother if you know what you’re doing. Maybe you’ve switched up your shocks a bit in the past and are looking to move backwards, or if you’ve bought a used ATV, you can make your own adjustments and personalizations. Lowering the preload with the collar on the shock will make your ride much smoother. You can adjust your compression geared more towards smaller and larger bumps, but this won’t do much for making the ride that much smoother. Adjusting the rebound can allow for a smoother ride, because shocks that rebound too quickly will make you go up and down with every small bump. A slower rebound can make it smoother, but there’s a fine balance in between the two.

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