How to Make Your UTV Quieter

The soft sound from your UTV can be thrilling and enjoyable as you speed along the rough off-road terrain, but it becomes annoying when it goes above the normal accepted level.

When your machine makes too much sound, you might feel tired going out with it. While it is not good for you, your neighbors also don’t feel comfortable when you start your engine. Hence, making your UTV quiet and reducing the sound is important.

But what makes UTV loud, and how do you make them quiet?

quiet utv near horse

What Makes Your UTV Loud and How to Make It Quiet

Every engine makes loud sounds, but the build of every vehicle differs, and the amount of sound that comes out varies. In the case of UTVs, the sound is too high because they are not built with sound in mind. While a consumer car has the engine covered under the hood and equipped with vibration-reducing and insulation upholstery, UTVs have their engines in the open, and the sound has little obstructions.

Another reason why your UTV is not quiet is the old parts. The loud sound from your UTV worsens as the machine becomes older and parts loosen and wear.

An old exhaust doesn’t help matters. An old, corroded exhaust can amplify your machine’s sound.

Why Should You Quiet Your UTV?

Even if you are not bothered by the rattling sound of your UTV, a few reasons necessitate making your UTV quiet.

It Annoys Other People Around

Pay attention to your neighbor’s expression the next time you start your UTV. Other people around you share the annoying effect of your noisy machine, and your arrival is easily announced with your UTV.

It Can Damage Your Hearing

Protecting your hearing is a good reason to quiet your UTV. Riding for hours on a blaring engine can damage your hearing. The effect might not be an issue now, but you will eventually wish you had made your UTV quiet earlier.


Hunting is one use of a UTV, and a quiet machine is ideal for the outing. The louder your machine, the more likely you chase the game away, and the longer you wait for it to return. This can even result in more hiking, which you don’t want.

How to Make A UTV Quiet

You are not only tired of your UTV’s sound; the rattling sound also disgusts your neighbors. Fortunately, there are a few options to make your machine quiet.

Here are the best ways out:

Invest In an Exhaust Silencer

Equipping your machine with an exhaust silencer is a good place to start with making your UTV quiet. A silencer takes the sound from your engine and directs it down and away, reducing the amount of sound reaching you. The good part is that you can install a silencer yourself, and they are not too expensive.

While this might not remove the whole sound, you will appreciate the difference.

Insulate Your UTV

Insulating your UTV means covering your machine’s plastic panels to quiet the engine vibration. Interestingly, this is what you can do yourself with little effort.

Fix Issues

Again, your machine makes more noise as it ages due to worn-out parts and engine issues. Hence, it makes sense to work on your machine to reduce the rattling sound. Working on your quad helps identify possible issues that make your machine sound loud. This may include upgrading slipping belts and replacing old bushings and wheel bearings.

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