How to Make Your UTV Secure With A Parking Brake

Securing your vehicle is important whether you are parking your UTV for a short or long time. Securing your vehicle is especially important when parking on steep inclines, and the best way to secure your UTV is by applying the parking brake.

A parking brake, also referred to as an emergency brake, is important not only to your UTV’s safety but also to your safety. However, most UTV drivers misuse the parking brake, which is a cause for concern.

These are the best ways to make your UTV secure with a parking brake:

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How Does The Parking Brake Work?

Understanding how to make your UTV secure with a parking brake requires understanding how the brake works.

The parking brake is different from your regular brakes, but they are connected mechanically and are members of the braking system. When you apply your emergency brake, it presses against the primary brakes with little effort.

The original idea behind a parking brake was to stop the UTV when the primary brake fails. But today, it is safely used to secure the vehicle when parked, especially in steep positions.

When to Secure Your UTV with A Parking Brake?

Always secure your UTV with a parking brake when stationary. Regardless of your parking position or whether you own an automatic or manual UTV, always engage your parking brake when you park your machine.

Your UTV braking system is connected to the transmission system through the parking pawl. The parking pawl locks the transmission when you park your UTV and switch to “Park”, so your UTV doesn’t roll away.

However, this parking pawl also wears out and can malfunction, like other parts of the UTV. Plus, constant use of the pawl can damage the transmission. The risk is much higher when you park your UTV on steep inclines. But there is a good way to go about it.

Applying the parking brake and putting your UTV in Park is a good measure to secure your vehicle, but people often get it wrong. 

The best way to make your UTV secure with a parking brake is to engage the parking brake before putting your vehicle into “Park”. This helps reduce the stress on your parking pawl, so the parking pawl and the transmission are safe.

Can The Parking Brake Fail?

Yes, like every other part of a UTV, the parking brake can fail due to corrosion. This is why it is advisable to inspect your UTV parking brake regularly.

If you don’t know when to inspect your parking/emergency brake, make it a habit to inspect it at every oil change.

Pro-Tip: it is worth mentioning to ensure that your parking brake is disengaged before driving. Note that driving your UTV with the parking brake engaged could damage the brake pads and rotors.

Why Use the Parking Brake?

Engaging the parking brake whenever your UTV is stationary enhances stability. For example, when you park your UTV, and another vehicle accidentally hits it, the parking brake will hold the UTV in position and prevent it from responding to the external force.

Also, constantly engaging your parking brake when stationary helps keep the brake in a good position. When you fail to engage your parking brake, it can eventually rust and fail. Not ideal when you need it most.

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