How To Plow Snow With ATV

As winter sets in you’ll want to be fully prepared to take on the snow. One big thing you can take on is learning how to plow snow with an ATV. An ATV snow plow is a great resource that allows for winter to be a breeze, and you can actually have some fun clearing off the driveway.

There are a few tips that make using a snow plow for an ATV so much easier. With this short guide, we’ll work to get you ready for an intense winter with any amount of snow.

plow snow with atv

Get Prepared

Doing regular maintenance on your ATV and the snow plow will be the best way to set you up for success when winter hits. Regular oil and coolant checks will make sure that when the time comes, you can pull the snow plow out with no hesitation.

Check all the connections on the snow plow even if you recently used the plow. This can be detrimental to the equipment if something has come loose, plus the plow won’t be able to handle the snow well if incorrectly attached.

One great secret is to oil the blade before getting to work. This will prevent a lot of the snow from sticking to the plow blade, meaning that you’ll be able to move smoother through the snow. Try some canola oil or a silicon spray every time before you go out.

Set the Right Angle and Depth

Setting the right depth is key to plowing snow with an ATV. This will both ensure that your ATV can handle the level of snow it’s put against while protecting the ground from the metal plow. You don’t want to overload your ATV, nor do you want to scrape the ground continuously.

The angle is also really important for a good clean surface. The angle will change throughout your work, so always pay attention. You want to know where the snow should go and where you want to plow it from. The angle will completely change how you direct the snow.

Follow the Contour Lines

Always plow downhill and away from your garage or house. This will help use gravity to your advantage and allow for much more control.

Start with a pass down the middle, with the blade angle set in the direction you want to push the snow. Return to the beginning and make multiple passes. As the snow piles up make passes with the plow blade only halfway in to control the amount of work you’re asking for from the ATV.

Cleaning Up and Storing the ATV

To avoid any frozen pieces and rust on metal, try to clear off as much of the snow as possible once you’re all finished up. Storing your ATV with care will help to make the next time out an easier success. Park the plow with the blade lowered to the ground as well. This will take weight off of the suspension and make your ATV last as long as possible.

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