How to Prepare Your ATV Frame for Powder Coating

Powder coating your ATV frame is a great way to get paint to stick well and last a whole lot longer than any other frame protection. It’s a long process, but powder coating your ATV frame starts just like everything else, one step at a time. There will be a lot of parts coming off of your rig, but that’s one reason why powder coating your ATV frame is so much better than plastic coating or frame enamel.

A well-done job of powder coating can be highly resistant to any chips, scratches, or other blemishes that can eventually eat away at your frame with rust. The results are incredible if you can get the time to completely strip down your rig without paying someone else to do it. This is exactly how to prepare your ATV frame for powder coating to save yourself some labor prices at the shop.

atv frame powder coating

Remove Everything

The first step in preparing your ATV frame for powder coating is to strip the entire machine down to just the frame. It’s worth noting that if you’re not prepared to put it all back together, you may want to leave everything to the pros and just bring them your ATV and ask for exactly what you want to be done. Sometimes, spending money right away is better than messing something up later and having to spend more money then.

Removing everything means taking off every single bracket and fitting. It also means that you should clean the frame as well as you can so that there is little to no dirt or grease remaining. Any grease will make the entire process less effective.

Tape the Threads

Powder coating simply blasts the entire area that it can reach and will cover anything that’s left exposed. Threads that you screw bolts over will need to be covered so those old bolts will still fit. It can completely ruin the quad if you don’t get everything covered. If the pros are doing it, they’ll know exactly what to cover and what to leave exposed.

Plug the Holes

Any holes that exist on the ATV frame are there to fit something in them and hold the entire machine together. Powder coating the inside of these holes will make it impossible to fit everything back together again. There are many different zero-fitting holes on your ATV. This means they are designed to have as little space between parts as humanly possible, so there’s no space for you to apply powder coating and still fit the other necessary parts.

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