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How to Protect ATV Plastic from Scratches

If you’ve bought a brand new ATV, you might get protective of it right away and worry about learning how to protect ATV plastic from scratches that normally build up quickly and en masse. Not only do you need to watch out for scratches, but the UV rays from the sun are out to get you and work towards fading and weakening the plastic on your rig.

In order to protect ATV plastic, you’ll have to take a few basic measures right away before getting significant scratches happening on the first ride you go on. A protective UV film can be installed professionally, or at home, and it will do wonders to protect the plastic from scratches on your ATV. Overall, it’s important to remember that your ATV will likely end up with scratches on it. It’s in the nature of the sport. You’ll be riding and branches and rocks will win out eventually. You can always work towards significant protection though!

atv riding in water waterproof gear

Paint protection films

A lot of riders have some very serious opinions about what you should do to protect ATV plastic from scratches. Many people say that you shouldn’t even try. You should park it in the garage and never ride it if you don’t want any wear and tear to show through. ATVs are for riding and getting beat up, not for looking pretty.

While we don’t fully disagree with these opinions, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t even try to protect your ATV plastic from scratches. Keeping your ATV in good shape can help it retain re-sell value and will also prevent any broken pieces from built-up wear and tear. So, there are some steps you can take to help protect everything that’s a bit delicate.

The best thing you can do to protect ATV plastic from scratches is to install a paint protection film. There are cheaper brands that do this, like 3M, and much higher-end products that have paint protection films, like Llumar or X-Pel. These brands will only have a big difference with people that are overly concerned about their rides. With an ATV, you’ll likely be getting a beat-up rig anyways, so cheaper films are a good idea for many.

Installation of paint protection films is often left best to the professionals, but you can try it at home if you have some experience. It’s a process that you want to take slowly and patiently in order to avoid any mishaps that require needing to buy more film.

Once the film is scratched up, you can always remove it and install a new film to look brand new again!

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