How To Register An ATV For Road Use

Often you don’t have quick and easy access to trails from where your ATV is stored and you need to transport it via the road system. A common question is “How do I register my ATV?” It can be confusing to get registration for ATV road use, but a lot of times it can be necessary. This will help you to avoid major fines and give you more access to trails further from home.

Fortunately, in some states, the dealer is required to register the ATV for road use, but this isn’t always the case especially if you didn’t go through a dealer. Getting your ATV registered is a breeze if you follow the simple steps.

atv riding on road

Check with Your Local DMV

The first step in any state to get your ATV registered for road use is checking with the state DMV. This is where you’ll find all of the specifics since the regulations vary broadly from state to state.

For example, figuring out how to register an ATV in California is a much more difficult task that registering it in Maine where many counties simply allow road use.

This crucial first step will guide you the rest of the way towards getting your ATV registered for the road.

Get Insurance

A lot of states will require insurance for any road use. You don’t need insurance to use your ATV recreationally in many states, but once it hits the road it will follow similar guidelines to a car.

In any case, once you are on the road you are liable for any accidents and property damage that may happen so getting ATV insurance is often the smartest move.

See What Modifications Are Necessary

In a lot of states there are requirements for your rig to hit the road. A lot of these modifications are simple to make and will already exist on a lot of ATV models on the market today.

For example, you will most likely need a horn, license plate holder and lights, turn signals, brake lights, a muffler, road tires, a speedometer, a windshield, and many other small add-ons that you may already have. A lot of these function for safety for both you and other drivers on the road.

Get an Inspection

Many states will require an inspection to be completed before you can be registered for the road. This is similar to a car inspection, but they will be looking for specifics regarding your ATV. If you’ve followed all the steps, it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Driver’s License

Finally, make sure you have your driver’s license up to date. While you don’t need one to drive an ATV around your property, once you get on the road, you need the license to be street legal.

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