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How To Remove Mud Stains From ATV Engine

Mud gets everywhere. While you’re riding, that’s part of the fun, but when you get ready to clean your ATV, you see a whole new meaning to getting everywhere. Mud can even get caked onto your engine and be difficult to remove. So, let’s go over how to remove mud from ATV engines so you can be prepared to tackle this problem.

clean atv engine from stains
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Routine Clean

You should clean your ATV after every ride or at least every weekend of riding. Otherwise, all the dirt, sand, mud, and everything else that has gotten on and in your ATV will sit there and cause damage.

Your engine should be part of this routine cleaning. You can clean it with a water hose, a sponge and soapy water, or a pressure washer. Just be careful that you don’t concentrate strong bursts of water near sensitive areas of your engine, or you might cause other problems. The best way to clean ATV engine is with a sponge (washing mitt or brush) and soapy water or a water hose because the pressure washer can force water into those spaces you’re trying to keep dry. Don’t scrub the engine too hard either.

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How to Remove Mud Stains from ATV Engine

You might find that the mud can’t be completely washed off in your routine cleaning. If you do, don’t worry. You just need double down on that mud.

Try letting water and dish detergent sit on the engine for a day or so and then trying to hose it off. 

If that still doesn’t remove the mud stain, bring out the cleaners. There is no product made specifically to clean ATV engines, so just purchase another product meant to clean and degrease metal.

Valvoline Eagle One Mag Cleaner is the most popular choice. It is an acid-based aluminum cleaner, and it will remove the mud from your engine.

Spray the cleaner over the stained parts of the engine and let it sit for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

You don’t have to scrub it. The acid does that for you.

Wash the engine with a hose or pressure washer.

If you still see mud stains, you can reapply the product as needed and wash the engine again until the stains are gone.

If you can’t or don’t want to get that particular product, there are more answers to how to clean stained ATV motor. You could also try tire cleaner, oven cleaner, and other degreasers like Purple Power and Sea Foam.

Don’t let any of them sit on your engine for longer than necessary.

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